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You mean taking the "reminder" pills first then taking the active pills given we are talking about Yasmin 28day. Well I would say that you would not be totally protected against getting pregnant for the first 10+ days. simply because there are 7 days of inactive pills in each pack of Yasmin. They suggest that even once you start taking your Yasmim ( given they realize your going take it like an adult)you should not have unprotected sex for 3-5 days.. plus that fact that you just took your pills backwards. Most women get the inactive pills to simply keep the reminder of taking the pill everyday. If that isn't a problem for you. I guess you could worry about whether your protected... too much trouble if you ask me.

Most people don't know that makers of Birth Control DO NOT TELL YOU.. they don't and won't guarantee that you wont get pregnant if you are over 200lbs. That is one thing most people don't know. I just thought I would throw that in there....

it means Hannah is pretty, and kind xxx my best m8.

Yasmin means- ugly and kinda dumb plus stupid and thick

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Q: What happens if Yasmin is taken backward?
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