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Oxide is the ion form of oxygen. It forms when an oxygen atom gains an extra two electrons. So an oxide ion would become an oxygen atom by losing two electrons.

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Q: What happens if oxide atom becomes an oxygen atom?
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When an oxygen atom becomes an oxide ion it has a charge of -2 why?

It has gained 2 electrons.

What is the atomic sybmol of oxide?

Oxide is the anion form of Oxygen. When an Oxygen atom gains two electrons, it becomes an anion, or negatively charged ion. It is usually written as O2-.

What happens to the outer shell of a calcium atom when it reacts with an oxygen atom?

the outer cell will burn up leaving calcium-oxide

How many hydrogen and oxygen atoms are in zinc oxide?

Zinc oxide is ZnO and there is one zinc atom, one oxygen atom and no hydrogen atom.

An oxide ion is oxidized to an oxygen atom by what?

An oxygen atom can only be oxidized by some element with an equal or higher electronegativity. So, oxygen can be oxidized by fluorine (e.g., OF2) or by another oxygen atom (e.g., O2).

What element is in potassium oxide K2O?

2 atom potassium and 1 atom oxygen

What happens to the outer shell electrons of a calcium when it reacts with a oxygen atoms?

The two outer shell electrons of a calcium atom are donated to an oxygen atom, forming calcium cations and oxygen anions that together constitute the salt compound calcium oxide.

What is formed by an oxygen atom and called an oxide ion?


What two kinds of atom are there in sodium oxide?

sodium and oxygen

Is it oxide an element or atom?

Neither. An oxide is a compound consisting of a combination of atoms, a metal and oxygen.

What is the difference between nitric oxide and whip its nitric?

At the simplest level: Nitric Oxide is 1 Nitrogen atom and 1 Oxygen atom that make up the NO molecule. Nitrous Oxide is 2 Nitrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom that make up the N2O molecule.

How does an oxygen atom become an oxide ion?

Reacting with another elements oxygen forms oxides.