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An oxygen atom can only be oxidized by some element with an equal or higher electronegativity. So, oxygen can be oxidized by fluorine (e.g., OF2) or by another oxygen atom (e.g., O2).

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Oxygen forms a [O]2- ion. When this ion reacts with a metal ion, it forms a "metal" oxide eg. magnesium oxide, calcium oxide and potassium oxide therefor the answer is oxygen.

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oxide is formed when metal reacts with oxygen from the air

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Q: An oxide ion is oxidized to an oxygen atom by what?
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What happens if oxide atom becomes an oxygen atom?

Oxide is the ion form of oxygen. It forms when an oxygen atom gains an extra two electrons. So an oxide ion would become an oxygen atom by losing two electrons.

What is formed by an oxygen atom and called an oxide ion?


How does an oxygen atom become an oxide ion?

Reacting with another elements oxygen forms oxides.

Oxygen atom and oxide ion have same?

number of protons i.e : 8

What is the value of oxide ion and phosphate ion?

Oxide - O2- electronic configuration of oxygen atom: 1s2, 2s2 2p4. electronic configuration of oxygen ion: 1s2, 2s2 2p6. phosphate - PO43-

Is oxygen is a positive charge?

No. On its own oxygen is neutral. Its ion, the oxide ion, has a negative charge

When an oxygen atom becomes an oxide ion it has a charge of -2 why?

It has gained 2 electrons.

What does O with a little 2 the top mean in chemistry?

O2- is the symbol for the oxide ion, which is an oxygen atom that has gained two electrons. The oxide ion has a charge of -2.

Is double oxide a atom or molecule?

If you mean O2, then it is a molecule, though it would be more appropriate to call it "double oxygen" than "double oxide." Though it is usually just called oxygen. If you main O22-, then it is an ion, not a molecule or atom. It is called the peroxide ion.

How does an atom of oxygen get converted into oxide ion when any carbon atom is close to it and vice verse?

This does not happen. Carbon forms covalent bonds with oxygen, not ionic bonds.

What is the atomic sybmol of oxide?

Oxide is the anion form of Oxygen. When an Oxygen atom gains two electrons, it becomes an anion, or negatively charged ion. It is usually written as O2-.

What is formed if 2 electrons are added to an oxygen atom?

Oxygen atom + 2 electrons gives Oxide, an oxygen ion (charge: 2 minus)In chemical symbols: O + 2e- --> O2-