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If you have to file a claim on that child they can request that you 'prove' they are a full time student. I had to do this periodically without a claim while our daughter was in college. And if you cannot prove it that child will have no coverage.


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Do you have a child that is going away to college or is currently a student at a university? If so, your child may no longer be covered under your health insurance policy. Check with your provider when your child turns 18 to see if your child is still covered under your health insurance plan, as many health care providers consider the age of 18 as an adult. If you need to purchase health care coverage for your child, ask the college if they offer student health insurance. Most colleges offer insurance to students at a very reasonable rate.

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Contact the carrier that wrote the policy on you. At some point the life insurance company had to contact you for a no medical life insurance policy or a fully underwritten policy would require an exam. I think you would've remember the later considering blood and urine would have been required. Call the carrier and see if the policy is still in force. If there no insurable interest any longer (no kids or support payments being made by you) then there's a good probability they don't want to insure you either. For more info contact me at

No, once your 18 whether male OR female, you will no longer be covered by your parents no matter what. Not to sure about the special ed though.

In some instances, a parent can get out of a student loan if they are unable to work. You can visit the Federal Student Aid website for information about discharge of debt.

An old insurance policy or the insurance company you had it insured with should have it on file.

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it is no longer where it used to be

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