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they come back until they catch them

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Q: What happens if police try to serve a warrant but the person is not home?
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Can the police come in my house to serve a warrant for somebody who doesn't live here?

I would think that if they knew that person was there......yes.

Can police enter my home and arrest without a warrant for misdemeanor?

It depends on the particular state whether the police can serve an arrest warrant for a misdemeanor.

How long can the police hold a warrant for robbery if they cant find the person to serve it to?

The warrant will remain 'active' until iit is either withdrawn or 'quashed' by the court, or the statute of limitations on the offense expires.

Are police allowed to enter your home without permission in MN to serve a warrant?

To serve an arrest warrant and make an arrest when it is known that the individual named in the warrant is inside - POSSIBLY - depending on the circumstances.To serve a search warrant and search the premises for articles and contraband, yes, they do not need your poermission.

How many times will the police come to your home to serve a warrant if they don't find you there?

As often as they want until the warrant is taken care of.

Can police start searching through stuff before they serve a search warrant?

police have the rights to seize evidence if its in full view but not if its in someones property otherwise u have to get a warrant

How long does it take for the police to arrest someone for an FTA?

There is no set answer. If the FTA (Failure to Appear) warrant stems from a serious case the police are more likely to consider it a priority to find the person and serve the warrant. In lesser matters, the police are more likely to notify the person that a warrant has been issued and make arrangements for them to turn themselves in. Some departments also have dedicated warrant service officers or teams who serve warrants all the time. Other departments have to prioritize more and are less likely to spend a lot of time or resources on a minor matter.

Can the police come your job to serve a bench warrant?

Yes, they can go anywhere and take you into custody on a bench warrant. A bench warrant is a judge's order to take you into custody.

What is the difference between a served warrant and an executed warrant?

To serve a warrant is to to read it, and seize the person against whom it is issued. To execute a warrant is essentially the same.

Can a city police officer serve warrant out of city?

Yes, they may accompany officers of the jurisdiction in which the warrant is being served and who will actually effect the arrest.

Can a police officer break into the house to serve a warrant if the warrant is for a minor child?

So long as they give proper time for the door to be answered (depends on the state), then yes.

Can the police enter my house without a warrant?

Yes, to an extent. Police under regular circumstances cannot search you or your property without a warrant, but there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if a suspect flees, the police have the right to search the scene. Another exception is when a arrest is made, if a arrest is made in property (like your car or your house) then the police can search the surrounding area (usually meaning the room you are arrested in and maybe some of the surrounding areas. If you live in a apartment or are renting someone other than you could agree for the police to conduct a search, like your roommate or the landlord. In addition, if the police are attempting to serve an arrest warrant at an address that has the same address as on the arrest warrant, police only need reasonable suspicion to believe the person named on the warrant is inside the dwelling to enter. For a third party address (ie: person named on warrant is at friends house and the friends address does not appear on the warrant) police then need probable cause to enter the dwelling (ie. neighbor says the person named on the warrant is inside the house.) Also see Payton vs NY.

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