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If the person driving was given permission then all coverage should apply per the provisions of your particular policy.

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Q: What happens if someone has an accident in your car but you were not driving?
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What happens to the owner of a car that gets into an accident with someone else driving there uninsured car?

They will have to take the uninsured driver to court. Or if you have uninsured driver policy with your insurance, they will pay it.

Would I be responsible if someone else is driving my car and they get into accident?

No. The driver is responsible.

What happens if someone abandons their car in an accident?

The car may be sold to defray expenses.

If someone was driving a car without a license and had an accident can you still get your car fixed?

depends on the insurance company

If someone is driving your car and you do not have them on your insurance and they get into accident are you covered?

Although it depends on your insurance, the driver is covered if driving with your permission.

Can a person sue the owner of car when someone else is driving in an accident?

Yes, and this pretty much always happens in such a situation. While the owner was not driving and may not have been anywhere near the accident, a theory of the action against the owner is that he/she should reasonably have know not to allow the driver to take the car.

What happens after a car accident and hospital finds cocaine and marijuana in your system?

You could be held liable for the accident since you were driving intoxicated.

What happens if you are driving a friend's car and get into an accident?

they can file charges or leave it alone, depending on how nice they are,

What happens if someone with suspended license is caught driving someone elses car in California?

It's usually the same punishment as if they were driving their own car.

What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and do not have car insurance?

Do you have car insurance? Yours will cover it. Your friend if he is a true friend, will cover the deductible.

What happens if someone dies in a car accident that was your fault?

It will have to be determined if they choose to charge you with manslaughter.

What happens if someone has an accident in an uninsured car that is not theirs?

The uninsured part would mean that the person or persons responsible would have to pay for it. If they have an accident in someone elses car they will probably be questioned in court.

What happens if someone gets caught driving your car and has a actadent?

you will have to sue them because it is your car not there's

What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and get hurt and they do not have car insurance is the owners insurance responsible for medical for the injured driver and damages?

You guessed it!

If you loan your car to someone with a suspended license and they have an accident in your car would anything be covered?

No, if their license was suspended they should not be driving, if they are involved in an accident and are at fault the other person can go after you since it is your car and then you are liable.

What happens if you let a person drive your car and he has an accident then you find out the person driving your car doesn't have a license?

nothing happens.YOU will go to prison

What happens if you don't have insurance and you get into a car accident driving your friends car she has insurance?

As long as she has the correct insurance that allows the car to lent to a friend then it should cover you.

If you are driving someone else's car does your liability insurance pay repairs to the vehicle you are driving?

No, liability insurance is when there are injuries involved. If you are injured in an accident when someone else is driving your car, your liability insurance would cover your medical costs. Comprehensive and collision insurance on the car you were driving should pay for damages to the vehicle.

What happens when you mistakenly have car insurance for personal domestic and pleasure but have accident on the way to work?

There is no breakdown to how or where you drive your car. Enroute to work is a daily activity and you are covered by your insurance. Where problems start is if someone else was driving the car or if you don't have a drivers license.

What if someone else is driving your car?

The only way that can be a bad thing is if the car is stolen. You would have had to report it stolen prior to the ticket or accident.

If someone else was driving your car and got into an accident does the person who owns the car's insurance go up?


If you rent a car and do not add a driver but you allow someone to drive and they are in an accident but you say you are driving what can happen?

huh ? o.O -.-

Will your insurance cover an accident if your friend was driving?

It should, if you let someone borrow your car, coverages should apply.

What is a example of an tragedy?

A tragedy is something awful that happens. So, an example of a tragedy might be someone you love dying, a car accident, etc. A tragedy is something awful that happens. So, an example of a tragedy might be someone you love dying, a car accident, etc.

If you have an accident while driving someone else's car does it effect your own insurance?

it might not affect you current policy but after renewal the points you received in that accident with Hurt you.