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If you don't get your period on week four, chances are good that you're pregnant.

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after a week try to log in if it dont work make another account or mail them x

i dont know maybe a week or 2

yes you can get pregnant any time after you get your period and dont use a way of protection

She can put a tampon, and if she and he dont want to have sex during period they can wait.

I dont the exact time but usually about a week before your period and youll get it throughout the week to

? I dont know That is a good question!

You can take one right when you miss your period. If it still doesnt come one and its negative wait another week. If its still negative and your period dont start you should contact your doctor.

yeah this happens to me a lot. If theres a period of time where i dont eat so much, my period seems to...not happen? but if i tend to eat a lot a certain week, im bound to get my period sooner or later. wierd.

What would happend is like if someone that works at the shelter they would take them for a period of time or they send them to another shelter.

dont be silly. aslong as your having a period you cant be pregnant. but you should see your GP if it is worrying you.

most qirls get there period but if u dont a doctor can qive you a druq which should make your period come out THANKS!

you will die you can only go a week without water

if you had sex i would take the test if not dont worry about it!!!!! If you had sex, maybe.

You will remain hungry for a long period of time, but dont bother asking why because i dont know ?

Brown spotting after a period means that your just coming off and it happens for a day or two after your period its no big deal so dont freak out!:]

If you miss a whole week of birth control you have 2 choices. 1) To take the pill as soon as you remember (one pill a day) 2) Use condoms during sex and wait till your period is due and when your period arrives, start taking the pill again on day one of your period. If you go with option one you may be a week late for your period because you missed a week or you may be a week early. So dont be alarmed if this happens. But if you go with option two you put yourself at risk of pregnancy.

once a week. tried it myself. period. dont try it u crazy kids

possibly if you dont want a baby go to the doctors to see if you can have a pregnancy test

no, just as long as you dont over eat during this period of time.

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