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Here is a great article from Aetna Intelihealth. It was written by an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School.

2004-05-28 11:21:50
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Can Mirena cause high prolactin levels?

Yes. And that can lead to ashermans syndrome which leads to infertility.

What happens to the fetus when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol?

Nothing, Doctors have proven that it's safe to have a little bit of alcohol when pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you have poly cystic ovian syndrome?

I did.

Can a down syndrome person get pregnant?

Yes, some can.

If you drink alcohol while pregnant can it cause your baby to get Down syndrome?

No. Downs Syndrome is a genetic disorder.

Can smoking cigarettes cause Down syndrome when pregnant?


Why couldn't kate gosselin get pregnant?

She has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

What happens to the body that has down syndrome?

it turns into you.

Where did Kate Plus 8 get pregnant?

Kate couldn't get pregnant due to polycystic ovary syndrome. So, they used fertility treatment to get pregnant.

What are the chances that a pregnant woman with Marfan syndrome will pass the condition on to her child?

A pregnant woman with Marfan should also receive genetic counseling regarding the 50% risk of having a child with the syndrome.

What happens if nondisjunction occurs?

Non-disjunction can result in a number of different conditions, including Down Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, Turner's Syndrome, Super Males, Triple X syndrome or Edward's Syndrome.

What happens when a pregnant women takes drugs?

Everything that you eat when you are pregnant goes into your baby's body. So do drugs. Babies that have mother's that took drugs while pregnant often have distorted faces and develop diseases like downe syndrome and autism. When a mother drinks beer a lot while pregnant, the baby comes out drunk.

What are the risks of being 35 and pregnant?

down's syndrome is more likely

Is their any prevention for down syndrome?

Don't do drugs while pregnant.

Can adults get Down syndrome?

No! If someone has Down syndrome, he or she was born with it. It happens when the fetus develops an extra chromosome.

How is down syndrome spread?

Down syndrome cannot be spread from one person to another; it is not contagious. Down syndrome happens when chromosome 21 is present.

Can people with Down's Syndrome become pregnant?

Yes, Down's Syndrome does not affect the ability to have children. Men with Down's Syndrome can father children in very rare circumstances, women with Down's Syndrome have about 50% chance of miscarriage.

Is there any preventions for down syndrome?

No. It happens by chance.

What happens to the babies of a pregnant women who drinks alcohol?

the unborn baby of the mother who drinks absorbs all the alcoghol and it deters its developemnent and the baby is diagnosed with F.A.S or fetal alcohol syndrome and is uncureable.

Is wine good for pregnant women?

No. No alcohol is safe for pregnant women.

Can you prevent down syndrome?

No. Nothing the mother or father does or doesn't do causes their baby to have Down syndrome. Down syndrome happens at conception & the exact cause is unknown.

What causes fetal alcohol syndrome?

When a pregnant woman consumes substantial amounts of alchohol the fetus can be harmed, and be born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Can parents be tested to see if they are carriers of Down syndrome?

Down syndrome cannot be carried. It happens when nondisjunction occurs.

What happens if sperm goes in you when your pregnant?

Nothing, you can have sex when pregnant.

Is it illegal in Alabama to drink alcohol while pregnant?

No one should drink while they're pregnant. Drinking while pregnant causes fetal alcohol syndrome.