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If you don't get your period while taking the pill, nothing happens and this is nothing to worry about. Many women find that their periods are lighter or disappear altogether when they are taking the pill.

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Continue taking your pills as normal but perform a pregnancy test.

Just carry on takein the pill intill u decide to have ur period, bt dont wait to long!

Your period can arrive anytime during the non-active pills which are the 7 pills at the end of your pack. If you miss a period perform a pregnancy test.

She can put a tampon, and if she and he dont want to have sex during period they can wait.

Hi, This does sometimes happen hun and is nothing to worry about. You should get your period next month but you will need to do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy just incase you conceived during the first month of taking birth control pill as this does sometimes occur when you dont use protection. Take care.

nothing bad will happen its a muscle relaxent, so will make you tired and lethargic dont drive while taking it

most qirls get there period but if u dont a doctor can qive you a druq which should make your period come out THANKS!

dont do it you will get really really sick .... like the spins times a thousand for days and days sometimes depending how much you drink

no i dont think you should combine them.

I dont think anything happens but I'm sure it wrecks the game after a while you dont get band though either

You will remain hungry for a long period of time, but dont bother asking why because i dont know ?

Which birth control plays a major part of this answer.

You can have a period if oyu have a miscarriage and the egg comes out in the period. Otherwise NO! YOU KNOW U R PREGNANT WHEN U DONT HAV A PERIOD!!!

dont do steroids point blank and exercise

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Brown spotting after a period means that your just coming off and it happens for a day or two after your period its no big deal so dont freak out!:]

You dont get your period while pregnant. The blood goes to the baby.