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they will repo it

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Q: What happens if you don't turn a car over to the repo man?
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Can you be arrested for concealing a car in the state of Georgia?

No you cannot.They can after a lengthy court process force you to turn over the vehicle but it never happens....if it did you see the countless repo posters citing the case here.

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Quad was rolled and sold for parts now lender wants to repo what happens?

Well you can tell them to run around and collect all the pieces OR you can turn over the money earned from selling the parts OR they can hold you responsible of the loan value plus any charges that they can figue up. THEY WILL GET THEIR MONEY

If you are behind 60 days your the bank says pay to day or it will be repoed you tell them you can make 3 payments a week from now Can they take the car if you get them the before the repo?

Most people dont know you can ask to pay just the intrest on your car note you can do this three times at most any finance co. Just ask and as long as they dont find the car they cant pick it up but it will take them a little time to go to court and have you turn it over. Get your agreement in writing!!!!!They can tell you anything and still repo especially at 60 days out.

Can a car lot reposed an automobile if its been seized by the police?

yes the car lot has all the rights because until the car is paid in full it is still titles to the car lot the impound lot will have to turn the car over to the repo man or repo man can file charges

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Can a person turn back in a car that they bought a week ago and not be considered a repo?

Considering that the LENDER will be the one to report it as a "repo", wouldn't it be best the discuss it with the LENDER?

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What happens if you hide your car so it cant be repoed?

As a Constable and repo agent the quick answer is simple: If you hide the collateral from a creditor you will find yourself in court as the creditor seeks an order of replevin. It is basically an order from the court forcing you to turn over the pledged collateral or face a charge of contempt. If You refuse and the judge finds you in contempt you can ( and should) find yourself in jail.

If your loan is current and you turn the vehicle back in to the lender can it still be reported as a repo?

YES! A repo is a repo. If you turn the vehicle in to the lender and stop making payments this is called a voluntary repossession. The lender will sell the car and you will be responsible for the difference in what the car sells for and the balance on the loan. It will be reported to all 3 credit bureaus as a default on a loan, and your credit will be ruined for 7 years. You would however save to repo fees such as towing. Do not do this. Call the lender and work something out if possible.

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