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What happens if you drink the first day you get your tongue pierced?


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December 04, 2009 9:49PM

Infections, side effects and healing issues are all points you need to discuss with your professional body piercer BEFORE you get the piercing done. You also need to discuss aftercare for the piercing, this should be followed up with written aftercare instructions for your piercing. No professional body piercer will force you to purchase aftercare products, this is a purchase that is up to you and they can only recommend specific products but they can force you to buy what they have.

Listen to what you are told and follow the aftercare to the letter and remember if you are having issues with bumps and lumps or discharge go back to the shop that did the piercing and talk to the piercer. They must help you resolve any healing issues you may be having. Don't solicit advice from anyone who is not a professional body piercer, just because one thing worked for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. Healing issues need to be looked at first hand so the problem can be recognised and resolved, the Internet is just a guessing game.