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What happens if you eat mold?


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If you eat mold you can either get sick or you can please don't eat it

All real cheese is produced by mold. Mold is the origin of penicillin. Mold and mushrooms are both fungus and fungus is good on pizza...Take a big bite!


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You get a bad taste in your mouth.

You may puke and you may not... it depends

Well if you eat bread with mold on it, there is a high risk that mold could effect your body. In which mold could grow along your stomach. A lot of people get very sick when they eat mold. If anything, try to not eat anything with mold on it and make sure you always check things like bread to make sure they are safe to eat even if you just bought it. If by any chance you do eat mold, seek medical help ASAP! I really do hope this helped! :)

Some foods are meant to have mold (eg cheese). However, on most occasion mold on food would indicate that it is spoiled and unfit to eat. In the worst situation you could get food poisoning and become sick.

not everything mold don't eat oils

I can't think of any food born digestive illnesses from mold. I doubt it will do anything harmful directly from the mold.

U get sick cus that's called mold I think

You will probably get sick to your stomach and throw up.

Mold? Well off you mean that type of mold that grows on food then here... If you used applesauce and mold together you get moldy applesauce xD pluss it would taste that good and it's not good for you to eat mold xD

Well what happens to the mold is that it grows more and more

Mold grows in your tummy

No, you cannot eat bread that has mold. You are able to eat expired bread as long as there is not any mold on it.

If pumkin was a mold then why do people eat it ?????????

There are many kinds of animals that can eat mold. In particular, slugs are known for living on mold. Additionally, nearly thirty varieties of monkey eat mold, as do some birds and insects.

The bird is decomposed by mold or it may be eaten by animals that eat dead animals.

A mold fossil is what is formed from the impression of a rock. A cast is what happens when the mold is filled.

what does mold eat or live on?

Yes, mold does eat because,mold sometimes grows on food and it probobly eats so little you can't even notice.

somtimes if you eat a spacific type sandwitch the bread and salami are both mold but it's not efective mold like athlete's foot or fungi

Blue cheese is made with a specific mold. If the cheese starts growing a different mold, I would not eat it.

Nothing! Unless if your dog is allergic to mold

* you add water to the mold then the mold will grow * how can you not know that * wow * bye.............?

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