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What happens if you eat poision?

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You only have 45 hours to live and you only have 4 hours to find a magical space unicorn to heal you from your hypnosis and you get to fly a Charizard home safely to your Uncle and Aunt's in Bel-Air! On the playground where I spend most of my days, Chillin' out maxin' out realxin all cool Shootin' some b-ball out in the school, when a couple of guys said were up to no good! Started makin some trouble in my neighborhood! ;D

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Can ducks eat poision ivy?


Why are dart frogs so poision?

the poision comes from the food they eat in the south american jungle if you feed it regular incects itll lose its poision

Are poinsettas poison?

They are poisonous if you eat them but if you touch them they will not poision you

If you eat a ladybug will it poision you?

you are screwed... if it is a poisonous one then yes

Does any breed of goat eat poision oak?

Can't say for sure, but in general goats do eat anything. If you see them eat it, be careful of getting their saliva on you as it will contain the oil that causes the rash in poison oak--this happens with horses anyway.

Runescape-how to get the pressure gauge from the fountain?

look for poision in house and fish food. use the poision on the fish food and let the fishys eat up

Are lawn mushrooms poision to dogs?

NO! They will die if they eat mushrooms straight from the ground.

Can you get food poisoning from old food?

yes.because the food you might eat is old or may have poision.

Can poision ivy get in your mouth?

Well, its very hard to get poision ivy in your mouth. Unlease you don't know what poision ivy looks like. Anyways, you just can't get poision ivy in your mouth ulease you put it in your mouth.

Why can't animals eat chocolate?

its like a poision to them something in choclate istint good for them causing a slowly painful death

What does poision ivy look like?

poision ivy is a three leaf plant that is small and grows on a vine

What is poision to aleins?


Can you get poision in your body from a tooth?

i believe no.

Is imitation vanilla poision?

no Kennedy

Does silly bands have lead poision?


How do you kill a earthworm?

Poision the soil

Can a Red and Blue poision arrow frog be strawberry poision dart frog?

Yeah, and if you mix a yellow and a red one, you get oranges.

What happens it you take medicine and you do not need it?

That depends on the medicine you take and how much of it you have taken. The best suggestion in this circumstance would be to consult your physician or poision control hotline.

How do wildfires affect hmans?

well they hurt you they poision you in other ways like they bite you and you fall then they come eat your body and suck all the blood for there supper.

Are palm trees poision to cats?

Unfortunatly no.

Who sold romeo poision?

a poor apothecary

The most poision plant in the UK?


Who produced the perfume poision?

Christian Dior

What snake is most poision?

inland taipan

What is tha antonyms of poision?

Pure or untainted.

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