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There may be gastrointestinal upset of ant poison is eaten. The best thing to do is contact poison control to see what steps need to be taken.

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Do ants eat poison?

They seem to like Taro ant poison quite a bit.

What happens if you disturb an ant?

the ant will eat you, WHOLE

What happens when you eat poison ivy?

Bad things happen. Don't eat poison ivy.

Will you die if you eat ant poison?

Of-course it depends upon the amount of poison u take in.....................

What happens if man eat ant killing powder?

If a man ingests ant killing powder they should seek medical help. It is a poison and the human body will react and start shutting down without medical attention.

Is the Wilson Ant out safe to use with pets around?

Wilson Ant Out ant traps use poison in order to kill the ants. This poison may not be safe to leave out around your pets, as they might eat it and become sick, especially if the poison contains smells meant to attract the ants.

What happens if you eat a poison berry?

You will be ill

How do dart frogs get their poison?

Their poison is derived from the fire ants they eat. When they eat the poisonous fire ant, they synthesize it into their own. The most poisonous type of toxin the poison dart frogs can make is called batrachotoxin.

Can ant posion kill a dog?

The answer is yes, but of course the outcome depends on the size of the dog and how much ant poison he has consumed. If your dog has eaten ant poison, take him to the vet immediately, and be sure to take the ant poison package with you.

Would a slug eat an ant?

I Don't Know try finding a slug and an ant...see what happens

What happens when you eat Crayola marker ink?

You will get poison

What happens if you eat ants?

If you eat a a live black ant it will not do anything to you, but it actually provides protein and fiber. Red ant, just the same.

Could hamsters die of ant poison?

Yes. The chemicals in the ant poison were meant to kill. It could definitely kill a hamster, even in the tiniest amounts. Never place a hamster next to ant poison.

What happens if you eat an ant?

It makes you vomit. POW used to eat balls of dead ants.

What happens if you eat a poison ivy?

You would most likely have to go to the hospital if you ate poison ivy!

What is truvia made of?

it is ant poison

What is eqal made of?

it is ant poison

What happens when a dog eats fleas?

Seriously? Nothing. What happens when you eat an ant? Thats right. NOTHING

What else can eat a poison dart frog?

You can. Go do it and see what happens.

What happens if you eat mercury the poison?

You will die depending on the amount of intake!

Can ant poison kill a dog?

you tell me

What to do if a human consumes ant poison?


What is happens if you swallow a red ant?

if its alive it well eat u inside lol

Would a ant eat a slug?

An ant would not eat a slug because it is too big for an ant to eat.

What happens if you eat a piece of pencil lead?

not much, it wont poison you or anything