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Every other resource, including doctors, says that the IUD would be taken out even if you are planning on not keeping to baby. Another key fact is that most pregnancies that occur while using an IUD result in an eptopic pregnancy so they must be terminated.

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Q: What happens if you get pregnant while using the birth control Mirena what will be done?
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Can you get pregnant if the Mirena is out of date?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have had Mirena in for more than five years. Use an alternate method of birth control.

What happens if your Mirena coil is left in for 6 months more when its expired?

If you leave in Mirena after it's expired, you could get pregnant. Use an alternate method of birth control. If you are seeking pregnancy, have the IUD removed.

How many women yearly get pregnant taking the iud mirena?

Five percent of women each year that get pregnant while taking the IUD Mirena. This is a type of birth control.

How can you be pregnant if you have mirena?

There is no 100% foolproof method of birth control. Pregnancies occur on all methods. Mirena is one od the most reliable, but is not perfect.

Can you get pregnant on Mirena?

You can get pregnant in any Birth Control even if you use a condom too. All those things do is reduce the chance if pregnancy.

Can you still get pregnant after my IUD was removed with heavy bleeding?

It's not likely that the IUD removal affected your fertility.

Can you change from the birth control pill to Mirena?

It's easy to change from the birth control pill to Mirena. Continue taking your pill as scheduled until the Mirena insertion. You can have the IUD inserted at any time that you are using an effective method of birth control.

Has anyone gotten pregnant from Mirena birth control how did thy know?

No birth control method, save abstinence, is 100% effective. If, after a light or missed period, you take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, you're probably pregnant.

Will birth control Mirena show up in a urinalysis?

No, Mirena won't show up in urinalysis

What are some of the birth control products offered by Mirena?

Mirena is a birth control company that offers contraceptive devices alternative to the typical condom. One example is their intrauterine birth control; easy to use, convenient, and 99% effective.

What happens if you miss a week of taking birth control?

You can get pregnant

Is birth control a drug?

Birth control pills, patch, ring, shot, and Mirena IUD contain medications.