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Q: What happens if you have stretch marks on your chest?
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What happens if you have stretch marks and your only 13?

Nothing "happens" if you have stretch marks. It only means that your skin has been stretched for some reason, such as having gained weight. Sometimes the marks fade over time, while other marks remain visible.

What happens to your skin when you are pregnant?

What happens is ur skin stretches leavin stretch marks.

Why do people have to take proper care of their skin?

If you do not take care of your skin, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, it will become dry, inelastic, and have more stretch marks. If you have not moisturized your skin the best over several years, or maybe even months, you may observed that more stretch marks are appearing. Not to worry, I will teach you how to eliminate those stretch marks. Restoring your skin back to health is not a difficult task, but it will take patience and persistance on your part. Before we tackle the topic of how to eliminate stretch marks, it is equally as important to define what stretch marks are and where they come from. What Are Stretch Marks and Where Do Stretch Marks Come From? Stretch marks or striae, are a form of scarring on the skin with a silvery white hue. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, along the side of your stomach, the bottom of your belly, the upper portion of your chest, the center of your thighs, and circumference of your posterior. Generally, stretch marks appear in places where larger amounts of fat are stored. Although, stretch marks are associated with people who tend to be overeaters and obese, stretch marks can be the result of a variety of things. Pregnancy, bodybuilding, weight loss, puberty, and intense physical activity can lead to stretch marks. Stretch marks actually develop when an increased level of circulating glucocorticoids enter the bloodstream. This hormone, which is secreted by the adrenal glands, becomes elevated during pregnancy, intense exercise, and puberty, causing stretch marks to appear. But, you can go through all these life events, and even stretch your skin without getting stretch marks. How? Well, it

How do you clear stretch marks on chest?

Buy Mederma online to get rid form stretch mark. Apply thrice in a day at least 3 to 6 months depend on oldness of stretch marks.

What is the brown rash on your chest no itch or flake?

i have the exact same thing it is around my armpits mostly and a little across my chest i thought it might be slight stretch marks

Why do breasts get stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretch before it can produce enough skin to comfortably stretch. Women who get stretch marks on their breasts filled out rapidly.

Does everyone get stretch marks?

No, eveyone not get stretch marks.

Can you get a tattoo over stretch marks?

Yes. you can get a tattoo over stretch marks and guess what it even hides the stretch marks.

What effect does cocoa butter have on stretch marks?

The effect cocoa butter has on stretch marks is that it will make the stretch marks less visible. It will prevent the stretch marks from surfacing with continued daily use.

Do you get stretch marks from losing or gaining weight?

You mainly get stretch marks from gaining weight. Stretch marks are a result of the skin stretching. There are many different cures for stretch marks including cocoa butter.

How can I get rid of stretch marks by August?

There are plenty of creams that can help get rid of stretch marks. Mederma works great on stretch marks.

How do you getย stretch marks?

You can get stretch marks if you are growing to fast. Or in other words, if your skin cannot keep up with your growth, it stretches leaving stretch marks. However, that does not necessarily mean that you are fat. Skinny people even have to deal with stretch marks. Sadly, stretch marks do not go away, they only dull.

Can stretch marks on your stamach harm you?

No. Stretch Marks are neither dangerous nor health concerning. To know more visit:

Does strivection work on stretch marks?

StriVectin does indeed work on stretch marks. About 93% of women said that they saw a significant improvement on the appearance of their stretch marks.

Ways to get rid of stretch marks?

Hiya, right well I used exfoliater on my stretch marks, i then put stretch marks cream on them and they went

Will roid use affect your chest tattoo?

I am getting a tattoo on my chest (left pec) next week, and am planning on doing a cycle of roids, gaining around 20lbs within a month, will this stretch or mess up my tattoo at all, and if so is there a way to prevent the stretch marks?

Are stretch mark embarrassing?

Yes, stretch marks can be embarrassing especially if it is obvious to others. Places like the middle of the chest, thighs, back and breasts can cause a great deal of distress especially to women.

Is there a cure for stretch marks?

Stretch marks are not pretty sight to have in your body! Yes it is so bothersome to see them please read this article about stretch marks! How to Prevent or Remove Stretch Marks

Does Vaseline help fade the apperance of stretch marks?

Vaseline may help a little to fade stretch marks. The best use for Vaseline is to help prevent stretch marks before they form. Keeping skin moisturized is important in preventing stretch marks.

Does Revitagen for stretch marks actually work?

Does Revitagen really work for stretch marks?

Does tea give you stretch marks?

Yes to much tea does give you stretch marks

Why are your stretch marks getting smaller?

stretch marks decrease in size as you loose weight

What products does Mederma make to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy is a cream formula designed to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

How do you get rid of purple stretch marks on breasts?

Use cocoa butter formula massage cream for stretch marks. Its helps anything, even stretch marks during and after preganancy.

How can I remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very common for women to develop while they are pregnant. Using cocoa butter on the stretch marks twice daily will help the appearance of them.