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Q: What happens if you hold an ice-cream stick with a pair of tongs and move it in and out the luminous flame ten times?
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What will happen if you hold the ice-cream stick and move it in and out of the non-luminous flame ten times?

It will turn yellow.

Are fudgesicles icecream?

fudgesicles are icecream on a stick that chocolate flavored and dipped in fudge

Why does it take time for a match stick to ignite in a non-luminous flame?

A non-luminous flame is a flame colored blue, and is undergoing almost-perfect or perfect combustion. Matchsticks emit luminous flames, which burn red to yellow and aren't as perfect. Matches take a second to reach full flame when put in a Bunsen burner (which emits a non-luminous flame) because the ignition of the match normally is based on the spark produced by swiping the match, which produces massive heat in a split moment. With the Bunsen burner, it takes a second for the match to reach the heat level required for ignition.

What holds the olympic flame?

A stick

What holds the flame?

A stick

What happens when you thrust a glowing bamboo stick inside the test tube?

If only oxygen is in the test tube, it may burst into flame.

What do you do with the fuel cell in stick rpg2?

You use it to upgrade the flame thrower.

Can you make fire with stick?

Yes, when moved correctly, the stick creates heat from friction. This heat can be enough to produce a flame.

How do you correctly light incense?

Generally using a lighter. You keep the flame over the very tip of the stick. When the stick has a flame take away the lighter. Let that flame burn for a couple of seconds and then blow it out gently. Blow softly on the ember for a moment, and you're done. It takes practice to know when the stick is lit, and it varies from brand to brand.

What happens if a man pees on a pregnancy test stick and it is positive?

what happens if a man pees on a pregnacy test stick?

What happens to the stick when it inserted to a balloon?


How do you get marshmallow on a stick in aqw?

Type /join lowe and then you do the quest called Marshmallow on a Stick and find a stick and a marshmallow within the area. You can get it roasted with a flame by doing the Roasted Marshmallow quest, all you need is the Marshmallow on a Stick.

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