What happens if you ignore a girl?


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She will become interested in why you ignored her. You will get her attention.

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They will ignore you back, then, you will just have a big load of tension. Thats a fact.

the boy will ignore you only if he doesn't like you back

if a girl dosent wana hang out with u then ignore him im saying that caze i am a girl if u do ignore him she will like u more then she was doing before so remember to ignore

There are two ways to go here: You go and check with the girl to see if they really do like you or You ignore it and treat it as an April Fool's joke

Ignore her. Leave her alone.

Just tell somone or ignore them Just tell somone or ignore them Just tell somone or ignore them Just tell somone or ignore them

When you ignore a farmville gift nothing realy happens it just doesnt appear in your gifts box like it was never there !

Cause she doesent Like you

Ignore them. You may want to warn your friend about her, but stay cool and ignore her.

It depends what personality the girl likes.

Ignore her and go out with someone else

Go right up and talk to her. Make her NOT ignore you. If you like her then show it! Don't be that wuss like Napoleon Dynamite!!

Why care about her? Ignore her, period. She isn't the last/only girl on the planet last time I looked. Don't waste your time trying to figure out other people's motives.

It's not polite to ignore someone, tell them politely to leave you alone because you dont like them, dont ignore her because then she will just bother you more to know why you are ignoreing her..

if a girl ignores u and doesn,t ignore any other guy this straight forward means that she likes u and does,nt wanna tell. to get her attention just ignore her for 2-3 days. that's all. and if still u dont get her attention don't be depressed just get crush on new girl

he does not like her hates her or likes her

Ignore them or tell them to get lost.

means she is flirting with you so you should ignore her.

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