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Chlorine bleach is a base so a base and an acid will give you a salt (or ionic compound) and water. In order to come up with the equation for the reaction, you would need the formula of chlorine bleach and of the acid you are reacting it with.

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How do you make chlorine gas?

what happens when you mix bleach and muriatic acid

What happens if you mix battery acid with bleach?

You get chlorine gas which will kill you.

What happens if you mix bleach and sprite?

don't mix bleach with anything, it can create VERY poisonous chlorine gas

What happens when you mix battery acid and household bleach?

A vigorous reaction whose products will depend on the acid itself. The previous post about chlorine gas is absolute crap and should be ignored.

What happens when you mix bleach with vinegar?

it makes chlorine gas dont look at these answers you can edit them

Can you mix bleach with unstabilized chlorine?

Bleach is unstabilized chlorine. It is just a weaker form of the chlorine you buy at the pool store.

What happens when you mix magnesium with chlorine bleach?

I believe you end up with magnesium chloride and salt water.

What happens when you mix chlorine gas and hydrogen peroxide?

formation of hydrochloric acid and oxygen

What happens when you mix fluorine and hydrochloric acid?

Hydrofloric acid would be formed and chlorine gas would be released.

What happens when you mix chlorine with water?

If you mix chlorine gas with water like in a gas attack. It turns into Hydrocloric acid with a pH of 0 (pH 1 if diluted) So I wouldn't really do that +++ I would really not want to handle chlorine at all! It is a very corrosive and toxic gas. If you are referring to chlorine bleach or disinfectant that does not react in the same way.

What happens when you mix drano and bleach together in a sealed bottle?

i do belive you will get a release if chlorine gas and some phosgene gas..

What happens when you mix Clorox and muriatic acid?

In the case of hypochlorous bleach compounds (NaClO) it is veryDangerous: Cl2 gas because of escaping Chlorine gas!! This was WoWarOne military war gas with 100,000 death'sBang! Its like making a loud explosion it a big no no to mix anything with acid

Can mix chlorine bleach with oxygen bleach?

Yes if you want to give your self skin cancer

What can chlorine do?

Chlorine can make your pools be better because if you put chlorine in a pool it will make any diseases that people have not be able to be passed aroundin the water. Or if you look on your bleach bottle you will see it contains chlorine in it. But never mix bleach with vinegar because it will mix chlorine gas

How do you make HCL acid?

mix hydrogen with chlorine

What happens if you mix chlorine bleach and rubbing alcohol?

Answer#1The alcohol, being less dense will float on top. They do not react. This answer is nonsense. Alcohol and bleach will mix, and they react, but not in a way that will kill you. Alcohol is less dense than water or bleach (water plus sodium hypochlorite) but alcohol and water do mix... mixed drinks, anyone?

Can you mix chlorine bleach with non-chlorine laundry bleach?

No, you can (and should) NOT mix anything with chlorine, unless you are fully aware of all dangers doing things like that. At least make sure you are well protected and wearing gas-protection mask.So: Do not do it!

What happens when water and bleach mix?

When water and bleach are mixed together, the bleach is diluted (concentration is lowered).

What happens when you mix bleach and vinegar?

If you mix Bleach and vinegar together than it creates a gas. If you breath that gas it can kill you.

What happens when you mix bleach food coloring and water together?

what heppens when ypu mix water with food coloring and bleach

What happens when you mix comet with Clorox?

You die. Never mix ammonia & bleach.

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