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Burn up the injection pump if too much was added. Itll stumble a little at low rpms. Add a tiny bit of regular motoroil in fuel tank to lubricate injection pump and run a lot of diesel through it.

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Q: What happens if you put in a small amount of petrol in to a diesel engine?
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What happens when you put petrol in a Volvo diesel engine?

What happens is you must remove the petrol immediately. Petrol or gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

What happens if you put 2 liters of petrol in diesel engine with 20 liters diesel?

I would recommend not running the engine until the fuel is drained. Any amount of petrol/gasoline in a diesel can cause engine or fuel system damage.

What happens if you put diesel into petrol engine?

It won't run. Diesel is ignited by compressing the vaporized fuel much higher than a gasoline (petrol) engine. A SMALL amount will result in very poor performance.

What happens if you accidentally put in petrol instead of diesel?

If you put petrol in a diesel vehicle do not start the engine. Petrol will do serious damage to a diesel engine. You must drain all the petrol out and flush the fuel lines.

What happens if you mix diesel with petrol in a diesel car?

You'll ruin the engine.

What happens when you use petrol in diesel engine?

Your car breaks down and you cant move at all until you find a garage then it costs a fortune! Running petrol in a diesel engine will destroy that diesel engine.

What happens if diesel is put into petrol engine vehicle?

It will dirty the injectors a bit and run very rough,if at all. Still, not as bad as putting petrol into a diesel engine .

What happens when you add a little petrol in diesel engine tank?

not much, it just makes it harder to start when the engine is warm. but diesel in a petrol not start or it wil destroy it

What happens if petrol is used in diesel engine and vice versa?

If gasoline is used in a diesel it will damage the engine. If diesel is used in a gasoline engine it will do no real damage as the engine will not run.

What happen when petrol fuel is use in diesel engine?

Petrol in a diesel engine will destroy the engine.

Is petrol is used in diesel cars?

No, diesel engine require diesel fuel. Put petrol in a diesel engine and you will destroy it.

Can a petrol engine be converted to a diesel engine?

No, you cannot convert a petrol to burn diesel.