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Depends...by "diesel tractor" do you mean "farm tractor" or "semi tractor"?

You're SUPPOSED only to put off road diesel in a farm tractor. That's why they make it.

If you have put it in a semi tractor, get hold of your dispatch/brief/lawyer right away for advice on what to do.

If you have a pre-2007 engine your trouble is almost exclusively legal. If your engine is 2007 or 2010 compliant, you're probably going to screw up your EGR and diesel particulate filter, which will break your engine.

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Is it safe to put off road diesel fuel in a tractor?

yes,it is safe to put off road diesel fuel not only in tractor but also in other vehicles

What type of fuel is derve?

It is Diesel. The letters represent Diesel Engine Road Vehicle

Is it safe to put on-road diesel in a tractor?

Yes. The difference is that off road fuel contains purple dye. If the tractor is older you may want to add some tranmission oil to the fuel as new Low Sulpher Diesel does not lubricate as well as the older diesel. As well you can add a diesel fuel conditioner which helps restore the lubrication properties of the fuel.

What happens if you use off road diesel in a diesel engine?

In a pre-EPA2010 engine, nothing, although you'll get a stiff fine if you get caught. In an EPA2010/Euro 5/6 compliant engine, you'll clog the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) typically within an hour, then you'll have to clean out the DOC and DPF, clean the dosing injector, and drain the off-road diesel out of your tank if you don't want to have to go through that again.

How long does an engine last in a diesel highway tractor?

Typically, a well maintained semi tractor engine will last between 800,000 and 1.2 million miles. This all depends on proper maintenance!! I have operated a semi tow truck for the last 11 years, and I've seen it go both ways. Neglect will kill a big diesel fast!! But for the most part, any over the road tractor, with less then 400,000 miles is still relatively young. Neglected trucks can have engine failure as soon as 500,000.

What is the difference between Engine of Tractor and Engine of Trucks?

Typically, displacement. A semi truck is technically a tractor. The infamous Cummins 5.9 direct injection diesel of Dodge Ram pickup fame was originally developed for farm tractor applications. Displacement of tractor motors may vary, dependent on size, function, etc. For a road tractor, 11 - 16 litre displacement is typical (most in the 12.7 - 14.6 litre range), whereas a dump truck may be likely to have lower motor displacements, but could also have just as high a displacement as a road tractor, dependent on how the truck is specified.

Does off road diesel cause fuel injection problems in trucks?

Since 2007 most diesel pumped at any station in the USA or Canada is ULSD, regardless if it's on-road (clear) diesel, or off-road (dyed) diesel. The only difference is the fuel is that by using it as off road the taxes are not the same and it is cheaper. Dyed diesel will not affect your engine.

What type of fuel is DERV?

DERV stands for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle

What happens when you put truck diesel instead of car diesel?

do you mean off road diesel insted of regular diesel? because there is no car and truck diesel. nothing will happen if you put off road diesel in your car, unless its under warranty and then you take it in and they see red diesel then bye bye warranty or if you get pulled over and a state trooper just so happens to have the kit to check it. Then you get a hefty fine since off road diesel has no tax on it. Being that it is supposed to be used off road like in bobcats or back hoes or what not. truck diesel costs 8 cents more because they have to pay road tax, but its the same fuel, on-hiway stuff.

Does red diesel damage your engine?

It will not damage your engine but it is illegal to on the road. The fuel is dyed for use off road. Off road Diesel is not taxed like on-road diesel. Also, the newest on-road diesels require ultra low sulfur fuel, and red is not always low sulfur. It will wipe out your particulate filter, which is expensive (and won't be warrantied). Often red diesel is straight #2. So it needs additive if it's much below freezing.

Can you put off road diesel with diesel?

In theory off road diesel is the same as that you would buy from the filling station although it may not be as pure or contain the engine preserving additives that the major fuel companies add to the diesel you buy at the filling station. In many countries the duty paid on Road fuel is Higher than that of off road diesel and as a result you could be breaking the law if driving a vehicle on public roads that is being fueled with off road Diesel.

Does off road diesel smoke more than regular diesel?

Off road diesel is dyed but otherwise the same as highway diesel. The difference is in the tax. Highway diesel has a road tax on it

What is the Weight of off road diesel?

What is the weight of off-road diesel

Will off road diesel harm a 2007 5 liter cummins?

Off road diesel is just regular diesel colored with a dye to show that highway use taxes have not been payed on it.So as long as it is the proper ultra low sulphur fuel it will not harm the engine.It is also highly illegal to use it in an on road vehicle.Off road diesel is just regular diesel colored with a dye to show that highway use taxes have not been payed on it.So as long as it is the proper ultra low sulphur fuel it will not harm the engine.It is also highly illegal to use it in an on road vehicle.

Does a gasoline engine have more power than a diesel engine?

Diesel engines have more power in the form of torque. Torque is basically the force exerted on the road by the tires which means you can haul more weight with a diesel engine. But it won't be "fast" in most cases. If speed is what floats your boat I'd say go with a gasoline engine.

Do you have to be 16 to drive a tractor on the road in Indiana?

No you do not I sall about a 6 year old driving a big tractor down the road.

What diesel engine is better a cummins or a Detroit diesel?

Different strokes for different folks. The Detroit Diesel 60 series is great for over-the-road applications. The Cummins ISX fares better in heavy haul applications and anything which involves going off-road.

You are a farmer have dyed diesel fuel for tractor bought diesel car are you allowed to drive car on public road with dyed fuel?

It is a tax issue. Dyed diesel fuel is not taxed, and as long as the fuel is used on the farm it can be run in anything, but when dyed fuel is used on a road vehicle you are cheating your state and town of tax revenue needed to maintain roadways.

Was told yo use road diesel in hotsy power washer not off road fuel?

Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for this one. On-road diesel is recommended for use in diesel motors in general. Remember also that on-road diesel used for purposes for which the use of off-road diesel would be legal is non-taxable, which, in the case of an on-road diesel fuel purchase, will be translated into a tax refund.

How much will you spend in 1450 miles using diesel fuel?

What type of diesel? What size engine? What type of road conditions? On road or off road? Last time I went that far I spent nearly a grand between meals, motels and food - diesel wasn't too bad, probably 150-200 or so.

What is the age you can go for your tractor license?

The legal age to drive a tractor on the road is 16

How old to drive a tractor on the road?

you can legally drive a tractor on the road at 16 years old providing that you have passed a tractor test you will also have to display a L plate once you have passed also the tractor must be under 20 tonnes and only 2.45 meters wide for road use you also will not be able to drive a two seater tractor.

Can a 15 year old drive a tractor on the road in briton?

Not to sure about there but inOntario you can drive on the road at the age of 14 if they know how to drive the tractor

Who built the tractor built in1892?

The first engine-powered farm tractors used steam and were introduced in 1868. These engines were built as small road locomotives and were operated by one man if the engine weighed less than 5 tons. They were used for general road haulage and in particular by the timber trade. The most popular steam tractor was the Garrett 4CD.

Does on road diesel weigh more than off road diesel fuel?

No. The only difference is a red dye added to off-road diesel to denote non-taxable use.

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