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The authorities will know what is proper to do with a found gun. However, a discarded gun has a very high probability of having been used for something illegal. Make sure you clear your name early, so that you are not suspected.

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Q: What happens if you report a Found gun?
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Where to report a found gun?

state police in your area.

What happens if you are found with a gun in your vehicle?

It depends on where you are, what the local laws are, and what the circumtances are.

What happens if you get caught with a taser gun?

"If you get caught with a tazer gun" you might wanna have a gun license... If you are found with a gun of any sort without a gun license you will be taken to prison. ~ Jessie

Can you report a gun stolen from a car?

Yes, and you should report to protect yourself if that gun is used in the commission of a crime.

What should you do if your gun was stolen?

File a report with the police. Be sure to provide make, model and serial number and any other identifying information on it. This is important for several reasons. First, there is a chance the thief will get caught. Your report will identify your gun as stolen property, and will help to put the thief where he belongs - in prison. Second, if a gun happens to be used in a crime and abandoned at the scene, having a report on file will keep you off the list of suspects. Third, there is a small chance your gun will be returned to you.

How do you report father for unsafe gun rules with children?

Report breach of gun rules to the police or if kids are involved the principle of the relevant school.

What happens if you report someone in fantage?

Nothing happens.

Where can I go to find registry about a gun stolen from me after a report was filed on the gun when I shot myself with the gun accidentally?

You need a lawyer.

How do you report a felon in possession of a gun?

Contact the police.

When do you report injury?

Report an injury in the workplace as soon as possible after it happens.

Where can information on choosing the right insurance be found?

Information on choosing the right insurance can be found online. Some of the useful websites are Life Happens, CNN Money, Edmunds and Consumer Report.

What happens to illegals once found?

They are given free housing, a driver's license and food stamps and a gun so they can kill American police.