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Blood rushes into the penis, making it hard and stiff. This is to prepare it for sexual intercourse where the penis is used to deliver semen into the woman.


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Q: What happens if you rub your penis a lot?
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What happens when you smoke weed a lot?

Your penis dies

What happens if you rub sandpaper on your nipples?

It will just hurt a lot, so I advise you not to do that.

How do you make him ejaculate?

Rub his penis until he does.

What is the stiffening of the penis called?

a boner, it happens when the guy sees a girl he likes a lot and is horny.

How do you get a girl to put your penis in her pants?

You rub her first on her boobs the you pull down her pants and rub your penis every where around there and maybe have some sex.

How do you menstrubate?

You rub your penis or vagina.

How you get horny?

guys: rub penis girls: rub sensitive area

After urinating do you rub your penis too?


What can you do that makes your penis feel good?

Rub it

How do you give footjob?

rub the penis with your foot

What can you do to relieve chiggers itch?

rub your penis

What do men rub on their penis?

Lube or lotion

Why does your penis get hard when you rub it?

When you rub on your penis a certain way, and in certain areas, you are stimulating some nerves that trigger its direction and your sexual excitement. After the penis is erect, and as you progress with the stimulation process, eventually you will trigger a nerve that will cause an ejaculation.

How do you make a guys penis hard?

Taking your clothes off usually does it. . . . . . . . rub the tip of his penis.

What is materpating?

men: when you rub your penis until you cum women: when you rub/finger your pussy until you cum

Where do you rub your penis to ejaculate?

Each guy may have particular sensitive spots. But generally, most men rub the shaft up and down and rub the head or glans.

What is masterbution?

It's when you rub your penis (very fast)

What are romantic things to do with a boy in bed?

get some body oil and rub him from head to toe. Do not rub his penis as the body rub may lead to intercourse and you do not want his privates oily

Im 12 and what exactly do you do to make semen come out of my penis?

you take your penis then rub it fast while thinking about sexy stuff.

How to give him pleasure at second base?

Rub the tip of penis

How do you make your penis bigger without drugs?

rub it till you get full height

Can a man rub his penis in wife breast in Islam?


Is lemon juice an electrolyte?

No but if you rub it on your penis it feels good

Are you gay if you rub your penis?

No, all males, gay and straight, rub their penis, or masturbate, at some stage in their lives, and many do all through their lives. Being gay is if you are sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex.

Can saliva on penis cause infection?

nope infact it can be good lubricant for masturbation .. try it out apply on penis rub n with other hand rub genitals with it.. trust me it feels great as you do it slow and then start stroking :)