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A logical guess would be, the person can be held criminally and civily liable for the debt under British law. Entering into a financial contract w/o having intent to repay is a serious offense regardless of the country. It would not be likely the person would be pursued for legal action while in Another Country's jurisdiction. However, if any property was left behind it can be attached and sold to repay the debt. The person might be charged and taken into custody if they return to the country where the debt is owed. Another factor could be if the debt was incurred at a financial institution that is based or has affiliates in the U.S.

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What happens if you take a loan for 10000 in Australia and then leave for the India?

The bank in Australia that gave you the Australian dollar 10000 loan will file a legal complaint against your name. Your name will be blacklisted and you will be caught the moment you step into Australian soil. Also, the bank can raise a formal complaint with the Indian Embassy and ask for extradition of the offender (you) and you may be asked to come back to Australia and either repay the $10000 you borrowed or face criminal trial and be jailed for escaping the country after borrowing money from a bank.

What is 75 percent off of 10000?

75% of 10000 is 75/100x 1000 = 7500. Take that off to leave 2500 which is 25% of 10000

What happens when you take out a loan?

You owe money

Can I take out a loan of say 10000 if I own a house with equity but have no job?

yes as long as the loan amounts already on the house do mot exceed the houses value

What happens if your car loan is illegal?

then they take your car and repo it.

Suppose the value of the car is 10000 and you take the loan amount of 10000. While you want to get registration by showing the car value to be 5000. Is it possible.?

no it is not! i hi Andrew lee lommen

What happens if you don't pay off your car title loan?

they take your car

What happens if you are in default on a car title loan?

The creditor reposseses the car, and you take the bus.

What happens if someone has a loan default statement?

If someone has a loan default statement, it means that the person who took out the loan has not met the terms of the contract, for example they have not met the payments. If this happens then the person who gave out the loan and who the debt is loaned to can take action to recover the money, for example re-possession.

What happens the the extra money from your loan that the school doesn't take?

You should receive a check from the school for the difference after all tuition and fees are deducted from the loan.

What happens when the boys take Willy to dinner?

When the boys take Willy to dinner, they leave with two women and leave their father stranded at the restaurant.

What happens when you take out a cash advance loan and do not pay it back?

u'll have 2 pat more

What happens if up you stop paying your car loan and move to a different state?

It is a felony if you take the car across state lines and you are no longer paying on your loan.

What happens if you move and have a reverse mortgage?

Just pay off the reverse mortgage just as any other loan. If there is negative equity you can leave the home to the lender who will take the loss. A reverse mortgage is a non recourse loan, meaning the lender does not have personal recourse against the borrowers if there is negative equity in the home.

What is the journal entry for sale of fully depreciated asset with loan balance?

This is how I did it. We had a truck that burned to the ground. It was fully 179 expensed. Insurance paid off the loan, so on the books I had a balance. This is what I did. First entry was to take the asset off the books; next entry was to remove the loan off the books. I decided to credit depreciation expense instead of a revenue account, since I felt that it was more representative of the event (not a sale). ACCUMUALTED DEPRECIATION 10000 ASSET 10000 LOAN 2000 DEPRECIATION 2000

What if happens if you cosigned for car loan and the borrower files for bankruptcy?

if the consigner files bankruptcy can the borrower take the car

Can a bank take property they have no interest in?

Yes, a bank can take property that they have no interest in. This usually happens when a person has not paid their loan, and now has no right to the property.

Disadvantages ot having university degree?

There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.

What are the consequences of defaulting on a personal loan in Texas?

Defaulting on a personal loan can effect your credit in a negative way. The lower your credit rating, the harder it is to get a loan in the future. Loan default is a civil matter, not criminal, so there is no need to worry about any jail time being served because of it. If you take out a personal loan to purchase a car and then default on the payments, the bank can take the car from you. Which will then leave a repossession on your credit report.

How do you get my car back if they did not leave a number or info?

IF it was the 1st repo on this loan, you should be able to call the LENDER and find out what it will take to redeem the car.

What happens when one of two people die and the other can not repay a loan?

Usually when a person cannot repay a loan, the people from the bank will come and take something away from you... maybe your house of your furniture.. any belongings of yours that can make up for your loan.

What happens if you buy a vehicle privately by cash and the seller does not pay their loan?

Try to make him pay off his loan or you will have to pay it off cuz you cant register it. I know you can junk or sell a car with a loan on it. So i would take him to cort for fraud.

What happens if you take a personal loan out from a family member and they pay the loan off through the banking institution are you still responsible to pay off loan?

The question doesn't make sense. If your family member gave you a loan, what "banking institution" was involved? Why did the person you took a loan out from have to pay off anything?If you took out a loan, yes you're responsible for paying it back.

Where do you get a loan for 10000 with no job?

Hi, i had problem getting a loan from my bank.until i was introduced to REV.JOHN,a man of God whom God used to bless and change my life today. feel free to contact him today at consider your loan and financial problem solved as you take the right decision."congratulations in advance" remain blessed IN JESUS NAME.AMEN

If there are two mortgages first one larger than the second one an the first one gets enough to cover their loan what happens to the second loan can they take other property you have like land?

What was the question again?