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What happens if you take expired Xanax?

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you can get sick.

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Can you take expired Xanax?


Are expired Xanax safe to take?

no because you can die its expired it turned into poison.

Is it okay to take expired xanax?

No, discard expired medication as it is not safe nor effective.

What happens when you mix Seroquel Prozac and Xanax together?

what happens when you take xanax seraquil prozac

Is taking expired xanax bad?

Proprely stored alprazolam does not get expired for long period, probably. But it is against the law to take the expired drug. So the answer is do not take any drug after expiry date.

What happens if you Take expired robitussin?


What happens when you take expired NyQuil?

U will have diahreah

What happens when you take expired mucinex?

You turn into a toad

What happens if you take expired allergy medicine?


Can expired Xanax hurt you?

It depends, if you have been using Xanax for a long time, then using expired products can trigger withdrawal symptoms as chemical breakdown of alprazolam (Xanax) is less potent than the non-expired drug product. You also have the risk of paradoxical reactions of hysteria, delirium and seizures.

What happens if you take expired listerine?

Nothing happens but ur mouth will get dry

What happens when you take 3 xanax and use heavy alcohol?

You DIE!

What happens if you take 30mg oxycodone and 2mg xanax?

you will be very high... do not drive!!!

What happens when you ingest Nyquil Lortab Flexiril Valium Xanax and Lithium at the same time?

I take lortab,flexril,and xanax. I can take them at once but I don't. I give it about 1hr before I take xanax. Remember no matter the size that amount can cause respitory faliure.

What happens if you take 1 mg xanax while drunk?

you will have an awsome time at the party

What happens if you take expired benylin?

Don't! Took benylin that expired in 07, in 2012 and got a really upset stomach afterwards.

What happens if you consume expired glucosamine?

what happens if I consume expired multi-vitamins

What happens if you take expired vitamins?

They won't work as well as they're supposed to.

Can you take clonidine with Xanax?

Can you take xanax and clonodine together

What happens when you take Tylenol PM with Xanax?

Most likely not much. If you took the reccommend amount.

Can you take levaquin and Xanax together?

can i take levaquin and xanax together?

You take 1 mg xanax twice a day how will Valium help you wean off xanax?

i dont take xanax i take 1 mg of diazepam twice a day, i dont take xanax

What happens if you get pulled over with expired plates in Missouri?

what happens if you drive in kentucky on expired plates

Is it safe to take Xanax if you have a NSAID allergy?

Xanax is not an NSAID. Therefore NSAID allergy would not be a contraindication to using Xanax. Take Xanax only as prescribed.

What happens if you use Viagra that expired?

Zoubi You get an expired Erection