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You die.

So don't do it

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What happens if you eat too much drugs?

Overdose, probable death.

What drugs kill you?

Any drug can kill you if you take too much.

What happens if you take too much Viagra?

You will die

What happens if you take too much Motrin?

You explode.

Did Lady Gaga take drugs?

lady gaga did too much drug

What happens when people take drugs?

depends what drugs you are talking about. =============================================================== ANY Type of Drug: when people take drugs, they're violat, drunk (depends), when they drive, they're likely to get aressted, and when they're out of jail, they sometimes lose their ability to drive. And if a person has been exposed to TOO MUCH drugs, it's likely to cause the person to die

What is it called if you take too much drugs?

It's called O.D-ing, or Overdosing.

What happens if you take too much aspirin?

Apparently if you take too much aspirin it can make a hole in your stomach and you can most likely die.

What is the similarities between drugs and medicine?

they both can harm you because if you take too much of the medicine it can harm you and if you do too much of the drug it also harms you

What happens if you take a small dose of drugs just once?

Questions too vague. It depends on what drug, for what reason and to what extent.

What happens if you take too much malic acid?

you could get sick

What happens when you take too much marijuana?

Most of the time you get sleepy.

What happens if you take too much antacid?

many side effects

What are over the counter drugs that can kill you if you take too much of?

It's actually quite difficult to find something that CAN'T kill you if you take too much of it, though in some cases (water, for example) the amount required to be "too much" is impractical. All over the counter drugs should be used in accordance with directions.

How was Michael Jackson healthy if he used drugs?

People can take a whole range of drugs and have no problems, it's when you take or are give too much (like Michael) that's when you are in trouble.

What happens if you take too much dairy?

Too much dairy can sometimes result in a stomach ache. Especially if your Lactose Intolerant

What happens if you take too much cocain?

You have a heart attack and probably die.

Can you Od on crack cocaine?

The word OVERDOSE (OD) means that you have taken too much of something - you can overdose on any drug, even prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs if you take too much. And yes, OD will kill you usually.

What happens if you overdose on taurine?

If you take too much taurine you will get stomach acid issues.

What happens if you take Oxycontin while going through suboxone withdrawals?

You will not get anything you want out of it if you take them too soon and why do you want to go back on drugs after the suboxone rehab????? What happens is you get addicted again and have to go back on subs.

What happens when too much stress to a rock?

what happens to too much stress that is applied to a rock

What happens if you have too much water in your body?

If you take too much water into your body you will get very sick. Your cells will start to burst and your stomach will ache.

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Vitamins?

you could potentially overdose depending on what vitamins you took/take, and how much.

Can you die by taking too much drugs?


What was the drug boom?

when you explode from too much drugs.

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