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you start from the last save point

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You must defeat the Pokemon league and then get the national dex. While your saving when it says saving please do not turn off, turn it off.

If you kill azlef, It will FNT. so... save while you are in the cave.

it deletes all you've done since the last save.

In Pokemon Diamond, Yanma is a bug and flying type of Pokemon. It evolves if you level it up while it knows ancient power.

Nothing radically different happens except that in a way you are saving time.

this is the same as Pokemon platinum, they are in the underground, they do take a while to find.

On Pokemon Diamond the Protector is a hold item for Rhydon. It is required for Rhydon to evolve into Rhyperior when traded while holding the Protector.

hold down B while you move

based on luck, while catching Pokemon check each time for that nature

#80, Sinnoh Dex: Barboach, found while fishing

If you want to start a new game, it's right below the saved game of yours. WARNING: SAVING A NEW GAME WHILE YOU ALREADY HAVE A SAVED GAME WILL DELETE THE SAVED GAME.

trade it while holding a dubios disc

You trade him to someone while holding an electrizer.

When you trade it while it is holding a metal coat.

Trade it while it's holding the Electrizer.

it depends what it is. but it takes a while for a female to shaow

On route 227 or stark mountain while Pokemon leafgreen is in the GBA slot.

Nosepass is a Rock type Pokemon that evolves into Probopass if it is leveled up in certain places. Wild Nosepass can be caught on Route 206 in Pokemon Diamond while they are swarming.

you can only copy a Pokemon in silver,gold,crystal. by saving then putting a Pokemon in the box change to a nother box while its doing that when it says saving do not turn off the power turn off the power.

Well, if you mean to say that if they hold a timer ball while facing a wild Pokemon, then they will catch them automatically, the answer is no. If you give a ball to a Pokemon to hold, it becomes completely useless until you take it back.So the answer is no

You can catch Seel on Routes 26 and 30 while Surfing on them in Pokémon Diamond.

#80: Barboach, commonly found while fishing with the good rod.

You can catch it outside of Stark Mountain if you have Pokemon Leaf Green in the GBA slot while you are playing.

Find it while surfing or fishing with the super rod in most water areas.

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