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well i hacked my iPod before i updated.... if you update your iPod... there are all difference.... i was using 4.0.something ios and when i updated to ios 5.0.1 it has a lot benefits like weather and stuff...... and there are much benefit when you jailbreak too

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Plug in white chord and itunes shows up. Go to my ipod and you will have a choice to upgrade it.

The software updates for the iPod Touch are free (See links below).

iPod software is updated by plugging the iPod into the computer and using Apple iTunes software to upgrade.

You cannot upgrade the RAM on your iPod Touch. The RAM on your iPod Touch is permanent, and if you want it faster, you must buy the newest generation of the iPod Touch.

If you have the ipod touch 1,2 or 3rd generation, it would be a good idea to upgrade to the new ipod 5g. If you have the ipod touch 4g, it is only a bit faster. I would personally not upgrade if you have the 4g.

Yes. If you upgrade to version 2.0 there is a free app for myspace

No, you cannot upgrade the software on your iPod touch using a PS3. You need a computer.

Yes, the jailbreak will be lost. When you upgrade your iPod Touch software, it is completely reinstalling the software used to run it. When you jailbreak an iPod Touch, you are only jailbreaking the software, not the actual iPod.

You have to pay the $9.99 to upgrade to iPhone 2.1 software version. Then you can load apps on your iPod Touch.

The only thing you as a consumer can upgrade is the operating system. Anything else involves exchanging for another iPod Touch.

no because the ipod touch 4 is a newer version

no you can not. the only way you can upgrade it is if you plug it up to your computer and upgrade it there.

If you can't access apps on the iPod Touch, then you should try updating the software version of your iPod Touch to the latest version.

go on itunes and connect your ipod touch to your computer and hold shift and click upgrade

You Clearly Can But You Have To Download Version 3.1.2 On iPod Touch.

No, you only have to pay once for the 3.1 upgrade.

The iPod Nano version 1.0.4 is just an upgrade version of the iPod software, and just fixes minor bugs that have occured in the earlier software.

There is no iPod Touch 5th Generation. The iPod Touch 4th Generation runs iOS 5.

The latest version of the iPod Touch weighs 4.05 ounces.

You don't have to upgrade iTunes, you just can set your ipod touch to a "replacement" even though it's not.

Yes, every version above version 2 of the iPod Touch have built in Speakers

if your Ipod Touch is not JAILBROKEN there is no virus but a system error. Try Restore your Ipod Touch To the newest version 3.1.3 !!!!

Yes, you can. Go to on your ipod touch and you can directly jailbreak your iPod Touch from your iPod.WARNING: Make sure your ios version of your iPod Touch is 4.2.1 or lower or it will not work.

You have to upgrade to iOS 4 Firmware for free

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