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Then the headlights won't work.

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Q: What happens if you wire a car headlight wrong?
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How do you fix headlights that dimmer than they should be?

Usually the ground wire that comes out of the headlight that is fastened to the car body is the culprit. You will usually find the wire terminal from the headlight plug attaching to the car body or chassis ground not too far from the headlight. Fairly common problem.

What happens when you switch the red wire and yellow wire round on a car stereo?


Prelude has smoke come from headlight switch?

You have a short (bare wire) and it is burning the insulation ( coating) on the wire. better fix before car go's up in smoke

What main damage can couse to My oun car?

If i put the wire in the wrong SIDE when passing power to My death battery car

What happens if you put the wrong colour antifreeze in your car?

Nothing Nothing

How do you replace a 1993 Honda civic headlight?

Open the hood of your car. On the back of the headlight assembly, unplug the headlight wire from the bulb and remove the rubber boot. There is a metal clip that holds the lightbulb in place. It needs to be pressed in and up to remove the bulb.

Why do moist get in your car headlights?

Moist gets in if the seal on your headlight is open. This usually happens as the car gets older. The hot headlight bulbs mix with the air and make moist. Just get the headlights resealed, and no more moist.

What happens with no ground wire on a car amp?

The amp will lead a dull and empty life.

Can wrong spark plug wire cause a car to die or drain battery?

The wrong spark plug wire(s) can cause engine problems including not running but won't drain the battery.

What is wrong if the front lights of your car won't go off?

Your switch could be stuck, or you might have a short to ground in your headlight circuit.

Do they make glass headlight lenses for the 97 neon?

umm wrong category check a junkyard or sumthin they'll have for your pos car

Why are your lights not working on eb Ford Falcon gl wagon is it a relay problem?

headlight relays (nxt to battery) or the actual switch in the car ...check you have 12v at the red wire behind the switch...could even be the switchable relay the headlight wires run to with a purple an white wire

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