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What happens if you work in the US without a visa?


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That is illegal and if you are caught you could be deported. Also, if you entered US illegally, you can not obtain US Green Card according to the current Immigration law, even if you married a US Citizen.

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Without a visa, only in the US and US territories abroad.

They can be here on a travel visa or a work permit

Work visa can be got through employers only. Either company in US should recruit you and apply for your work visa or company in your home country also can send you to work in US on a work visa. Depending on the requirement and your eligibility you will be issued a visa with which you get authorization to work in US.

If you both want to be together, at least one of you needs to get a work visa. You can work anywhere in the European Union for an unlimited period of time without a visa. She can work in the US and its territories overseas without a visa.

The visa with which you entered US the first time can be used to legalize stay in US. Using the Form I-539 you can extend the visa and continue to stay in US. But only with a green card you can work in US in case you are in US on a tourist visa.

us work visa has several categories under which work visa could be granted. H1b, H2, L1, etc. H1b

if you are a US citizen NO need a visa.

Yes, L1 visa is a work permit visa. The L1 visa enables employers to transfer employees to US office or establish a office in the US. This implies that a person on a L1 visa can work. It is only a change of workplace by remaining in the same organization.

No, any alien needs to have a visa depending on the purpose of visit to US. There are A TO Z categories of visas available based on the applicant's need. For example you should apply for K-2 visa for touring US, F-1 for student visa,H1-B visa for work visa etc.

You can not work during a vacation in the US so there is no visa for that purpose.

You would be able to apply for a work visa to the US. You will most likely need to find a job first, and have your employer file for you to get an H1B work visa.

A company has to sponsor the Mexican to get a work visa.

If you get the UK work visa then the work permit is not given to US so you need a work permit for US.

If a citizen of Russia is attending school in the US on a Student Visa and becames pregrant by an American what happens to her Student Visa?

No. Having a visa for the US doesn't grant you the possibility to enter Mexico; you need the corresponding visa from Mexico.

You must be sponsored by an employer in order to qualify for a work visa.

No, cannot US citizens are required visa for entering Vietnam.

Yes, ALL foreigners need a valid work visa to work in the US.

Marrying merely for a visa is fraud. Moreover, there is no such thing as a work visa from a marriage. A work visa is available only through an employer.

No. Having a visa for country A will never work to get into country B -- anywhere in the world. In the case of Mexico, you need to get a visa issued by the Mexican government.

You can work for 20 Hours aweek during study visa in US

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