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If your blood does not clot it means that a person is in danger for blood loss from the smallest injury.

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Q: What happens if your blood does not clot?
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What happens if you get a blood clot on your brainstem?

You die.

What happens to the blood clot after a tooth extractiondoes it break down?

The blood clot breaks down and is reabsorbed in to you body

What happens if you don't have Vitamin K1?

Your blood will not clot

What happens when clot occurs in an undamaged blood vessel?

The flow of blood to tissues beyond the clot may be cut off

What happens if the blood doesn't clot?

If a person has a cut or other injury which bleeds, and the blood does not clot, then that person will continue to bleed until he or she dies from loss of blood.

Can a blood clot from a small vein be harmful?

Why Yes its a blood clot; A Blood Clot is a Blood Clot no matter how you look at it.

Blood does not clot?

blood does clot and so can your arteries it will clot if you will have a major accident...

What happens when your blood does not clot?

when your blood doesn't clot( or create a scab)then that means you may have a rare blood may need to see a doctor and you will continue to bleed until you faint or die.

Is your blood clot dangerous? want your blood to clot.

What is arterial blood clot?

It is a blood clot in an artery.

Can sickle cell kill you?

a possible way it can kill you is from a simple blood clot. If the sickle shaped blood cells that formed into clumps stick to the walls of the blood vessels, blood flow will be blocked and the lack of blood circulation can cause a blood clot. If that blood clot so happens to follow the blood stream into your heart... YOU WILL DIE.

What Blood cells are needed to clot blood?

blood platelets is need to clot the blood

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