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May brings a dry spring, with 'warm winds heavy and pink with dust from the mesas', settling in thick layers upon furniture and window sills. Dust-filtered sun 'bathed the world in an eerie rose-colored glow, completely obliterating the view of the mountains.' The latter creates a certain amount of relief for the families who face the terrain each day, with tragic thoughts of Dan and Larry. The telephone rings constantly, including a call ID'd as John Brown, who tells Joan that Larry owes him $2100 from a business deal. Joan meets Brown at the library, and anxious to keep this from her parents, agrees to cross the border into Mexico to work off her brother's debt. Dan's brother Frank insists on traveling with Joan.

In September, on the Californian coast two brothers, David and Lance Carter, discuss Dave's memory loss after their parents died in an automobile accident in New York City. Lance fills Dave in on their family background. Dave is employed at a sports equipment store, while Lance searches for work, meeting acquaintances on the beach. UCLA student Peggy waitresses the night shift at a local diner, and begins dating Dave. Peggy senses that Dave is unsure of himself, and hesitates to share his thoughts. Then one night - the voice of Anne from New Mexico calls out to him.

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Q: What happens in Lois Duncan's book They Never Came Home?
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