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all the good backtria goes to the body and th rest goes to the big intestine then poo comes

Water and nutrients are absorbed.

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What happens in your small intestine?

In your small intestine food is broken down in to a liquid or a solid.

What happens if the small intestine fails?

The small intestine is a vital organ, without which a person will die of malnutrition.

What happens to partially digested food in the small intestine?

the food will digest in the small intestine by the stomsch and eshopagus

What happens after food has traveled through the small intestine?

it enters the large intestine

What happens to indigestible material in the small intestine?

It goes into the large intestine and then into the excetory system

What happens to food after digestion is complete in the small intestine?

It gets released through the anus where it drops out the waste from the small intestine.

What happens to food as it travels along the small intestine?

The small intestine is where the nutrients are extracted from the food and taken into the blood stream.

What happens if the small intestine stops working?

you die!!!!!!!!!

What happens if your small intestine fails?

you get sick and die

What happens in the villi?

They absorbe food in the small intestine.

What happens when your large and small intestine expands?

my but hole

What happens in small intestine?

Water an nutrients are absorbed

What happens once food has traveled through the small intestine?

Once the food has travelled through the small intestine, it goes to the large intestine where water absorbed.

Most of the chemical digestion occurring in the digestive system happens in the?

duodenum of the small intestine. although there is already chemical digestion starting at the mouth, majority of it happens in the small intestine

What happens when absorption in the small intestine fails?

occur with hydrogen

What happens if the small intestine is missing?

nutrients won't get absorbed

Once in the small intestine what happens to the digested food?

You poo it out

What happens if you lose most of your small intestine?

u will die

Absorption happens when nutrients are small enough to pass into your?


What happens when fat enters the small intestine?

the gallbladder relaxes

What happens if your Small intestine flipped?

you will die in five mints

What happens if you eat your own tooth?

it will get stuck in your small intestine.

What happens in the first part of the small intestine?

it absorbs a product

What happens to small molecules in your small intestine?

Small Molecules enter the small intestine after going through the stomach. It gets broken into even smaller pieces. Then it goes into capillaries.

What happens to pepsin activity as it reaches the small intestine?

When pepsin reaches the small intestine, its activity stops. The small intestine has a basic pH of 8 thereby inactivating pepsin which needs an acid environment to work in.