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It is regarded as a sin. Hence, you will be a sinner

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Q: What happens to Muslims if they do not marry Muslims?
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Can a Muslim marry an Indian?

Muslims must marry only muslims. There is no discrimination on race as long as the person you choose to marry is a muslim.

Do Muslims marry christian women that are older then they are?

Muslims don't marry Christians at all at least they are not supposed to

Are Muslims permitted to marry their cousins?

Yes they can marry their cousins

Can Muslims marry different religions?

Muslims boys can marry a girl who is a different religion compared to him only if she converts Muslim.

Who should Muslims marry?

The Muslims should marry among ONLY the Muslims. The Muslim men are allowed to marry a Jew or Christian women provided she believes in the ONENESS of Almighty Allah in the true sense, that is almost impossible to be found.

Who can Muslims girls marry?

Muslim men

Are Muslims allowed to marry Born Again Christians?


How can Muslims marry for the second time?

Muslims marry for the second time as they married for the first and as anyone of any other religion marries for the second time. No difference.

Can Muslims marry white people?

Sure, Muslims can marry white people simply because:Many Muslims are also white, and becauseIslam is against racism based on color, culture, faith, gender or anything else.

Can Chinese marry with Muslim?

Certainly. There are many Chinese Muslims.

What should you do if you love a Muslim?

Muslims are not allowed to date, even with muslims. If you are a muslim girl, you may not marry a non muslim man, but if you are a muslim man, u are permitted to marry a nonmuslim.

Do Muslims marry African Americans?

If they want to but if they are super religious then maybe not :)

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