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The author says that if she had continued the book she would of said that Sodapop went to Vietnam and died in the war.

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Darrel (Darry) Curtis is the unofficial leader of the gang in the book the outsiders.

Derry and Pony boy Curtis, Cherry, Dallas, Johnny Cade, Two- Bit, Steve Randle

Soda alway's try's to understand everyone. he never hollers. he is also "movie star handsome".

S.E. Hinton said that Soda goes to Vietnam in the war and dies there.

Ponyboy Curtis, Darrel Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Johnny, Two bit, Dally, Bob, Cherry.

Sodapop Curtis dies in the Vietnam war. this is if you talking about the outsiders this is when the book is finish he doesn't die in the book. This is after Ponyboy does his report

he is the main character from the book he is the narrator of the whole story

Ponyboy curtis is the narator he is the onr telling the story.

Sodapop Curtis. If you read the book you would know that Sodapop Curtis is on his birth certificate.

Darry Curtis is 20, the oldest of the three Curtis brothers.

Ponyboy Michael Curtis narrates the book from a first-person point of view.

soda pop is six/ seven feet tall, gold dark brow hair, stright hair, and dark eyes soda pop is Ponyboys brother and he is Darrys. they are living together since their parents had died.

Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Darry Curtis, Steve Randall, Two-Bit Matthews, and Johnny Cade

He has blond hair and green eyes and they say he looks like their mom HE HAS DARK BROWN EYES AND DARK GOLD HAIR

The protagonist is the person that leads the story so the answer is Ponyboy Curtis.

if your referring to the Curtis parents then they died in a car accident

Ponyboy Curtis Darrel (Darry) Curtis Sodapop Curtis Johnny Cade Dally Winston Steve Randle Bob Sheldon

Johnnycade Ponyboy Curtis Darry Curtis Sodapop Curtis Dallas Winston Steve Randle Two-bit

Dallas worked at the gas station with soda.

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