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What happens to a US citizen if caught who is paid 10000 to marry an illegal immigrant in order for him to get a green card?


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from what i have read with ins. if you get caught or the ins finds out it is a fake marriage the us citizen can be charged with up to $5000 or 25 yrs in prision so good luck


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Send them back to there own country

The illegal immigrant will be deported when caught.

You cant reuturn back when a illegal immigrant gets caught being illegal they deport them and they tell them how much time they cant be in the US

If an illegal immigrant is caught in America, there can be serious consequences. Most likely, the person will be kept in a detention center until they can be deported back to their home country.

then if they get caught, they will get arrested

You get arrested for 5 to 10 years

Illegal immigrants working for the MMRDA in India are pretty much subject to the same penaties for getting caught as other immigrants. Typically, those penalties center around the deportation of the illegal immigrant to his or her home country, but they can also include prison.

Regardless of how the illegal immigrant is taken into custody he or she would still be subject to deportation if they did not qualify for refugee or asylee status or the case was not one of mitigating circumstances.

An illegal immigrant can be deported upon being caught and handed over to the relevant authorities. By getting caught for driving without a license, the authorities would have been notified of their presence.

An illegal immigrant with a social security number may be able to renew a drivers license. However, there is no sure fire way to know whether or not this would work, simply because it is possible that they could get caught.

You are forced to move to San Diego and form an average post-hardcore band and get signed to Rise Records

If an illegal alien is caught, report him/her to the border patrol. They will then ask for their birth certificate, any licences, and/or ID. If they have none of those, they will be sent to Immigration Court.

I think your most important responsibility as a citizen of the USA. is to perform legal actions and not illegal actions. Because you will get caught very easily.

technically, an illegal can be jailed for up to 20 years if caught after having a previous deportation. Practically speaking, unless you committed some other crime then ICE is likely to just deport you (i.e. government doesnt want to spend money to jail an illegal). However, a deportation, and multiple deportations to boot, will make it difficult for the immigrant to get a visa or get a green card based on marriage to a citizen spouse. Even if there is immigration reform, there would still be acts which are deportable

illegal if you get caught legal if you dont get caught

That is illegal and if you are caught you could be deported. Also, if you entered US illegally, you can not obtain US Green Card according to the current immigration law, even if you married a US Citizen.

I will recommend you get an attorney, A friend of mine was in the same situation but the attorney appeared in court on his behalf and settle the matter.

no because illegall immangrants cant even buy a house but they can live in peoples garages but if their caught the owners of the huse will go to jail

they will be sent back to the dugout or disqulified if used the bat

u go to jail for using steroids because it's illegal

Unless you're an agent of the CBP, INS, ICE, or DHS, no such list is available to you.

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