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What happens to a lien by a creditor if the house forcloses?

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2008-05-30 06:03:39

in california and most other states. The house is held with a

note and deed of trust. The note is like a IOU you promise to pay

the bank the money you borrowed. The Deed of Trust says if you

don't pay you agree to transfer the house back to the Bank. When

you get an Loan to buy the house the Bank makes shure that there is

no other leins on house. So the bank is first in line. the next

lein is call the second and so on. If you don't pay the house is

transfered back to the Bank by the Deed of Trust and then sold for

what they can get for it. If it sells for more that what is owed

then any money would go to the next lein hold. If there is nothing

left then the other lein holders get nothing. Most likely you will

have to pay it back.

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