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It decomposes along with the rest of the body.

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What happens when you smoke weed a lot?

Your penis dies

What happens to your penis when you smoke?

It shrivels up, dies then drops off.

What happens when a dictator dies?

the oldest male becomes the dictator

What is a male erection?

That is what happens when guy's penis fills with blood and becomes hard.

Why does the male penis get hard when they are horny?

No what happens is the blood flows to your penis. the tissue of the male penis is sorta like a sponge when the blood fills it up then it gets stiff. There is actually no muscles or bones in your penis. Your penis muscles tense up as you get horny and you get hard. It's very simple.

What happens if a male clownfish's partner dies?

If a male clownfish's partner dies - like in Finding Nemo- the male fish switches gender and becomes female. Technically, Marlin should have been Marlina.

What happens to a male honey bee after mating with its queen?

It dies during the process of mating.

What happens if a girl touches a penis?

It will most likely cause sexual arousal for the male and he will get an erection.

What happens when a red fox dies?

it dies you just answered your own question

Can male cats be born without a penis?

No male mammal is born without a penis - male cats included.

Why do male rabbits have two penises?

Male rabbits only have one penis.

Do Asians have big?

no, they have some of the shortest recorded penis sizes known to mankind and other species discovered. the baby caucasian male happens to have about 3 times the size of the adult fully grown male asian penis. AKA ASIANS HAVE A SMALL PENIS!!!!! #SWAG #YOLO

What happens when someone don't have a testicles?

depends on if that someone has a penis or not. if that someone has a penis but no testicles then they are most likey a hermaphrodite; Person with both female and male sex organs

With multiple dogs what happens when the alpha male dies?

the beta takes over control or they fight for dominance

What sea creature detaches its penis?

The octopus. It inserts what kind of looks like a leg but it is the penis filled with sperm and the penis is torn off and the eggs are fertilized in the female. The male later dies and the female stops eating and hides in a dark place constantly protecting her eggs and fanning them with oxygenated water from her valves. Through exhaustion, she dies as the eggs hatch.

What happens to a guy when he gets horny?

When an adult male gets horny, the nerve in the base of his penis reacts quickly and often makes the penis stand up and go solid.

What happens to sperm when it dies?

Nothing happens to sperm when it dies.

What happens if you put two male hamsters together?

They'll fight, and keep fighting until one of them dies....

What areThe female structure that corresponds to the male penis is the?

The clitoris is the female structure that corresponds to the male penis.

How do you spell male body part penis?

The male body part is spelled as it is in the question: penis. The penis is part of the reproductive system and the urinary system.

What is the medical term meaning male penis and testicles?

The male genitalia is the collective term for the male penis and testicles. The female genitalia are the vulva.

How do you know a male circumcised?

The male that has fallen victim to circumcision has no skin on his penis that can cover the glans at the top. The male with an intact penis will have a tube of skin that covers the glans penis, particularly when it is not erect.

Does a male dog have a wiener?

A male dog will have a penis.

What happens if a girl has a penis?

If you mean female by dna, if they have a male organ they tend to have both (hermaphrodite) not sure what you mean by what happens- they usually just live that way the same as you do

Does the male turkey have a penis?


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