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The answer depends on what the metal is. Some metals react readily with acid, and some do not.

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What will happen to metal when exposed to acid?

when metal react with an acid it forms a salt and hydrogen gas

What happens when metal and acid react?

Acid + Metal = Salt + Hydrogen

What happens when a metal oxide is reacted with an acid?

acid + metal oxide -> metal salt + water

What happens when uranium is exposed to acid?

For example, metallic uranium is soluble in nitric acid.

What happens when you put acid on metal?

depending on the kind of acid and the metal, corrosion may occur

What happens when hydrochloric acid and cooper mix?

Nothing. Copper does not react with non-oxidizing acids (such as hydrochloric acid) because it is a noble metal (meaning it resists corrosion when exposed to air). All noble metals are inert components when exposed to non-oxidizing acids.

What happens if you mix metal with acid?

When you mix a metal and an acid, you normally form a salt and hydrogen gas.

What happens when acid reacts to metal?

The product of the reaction is a salt of the metal.

What happens when a metal is put together with an acid?

When a metal is added to an acid, a reaction occurs in which the metal dissolves in the acid. The final products of this reaction is hydrogen gas and a salt.

What happens if acid is mixed with metal?

When acid is mixed with metal it forms hydrogen gas and a salt (Ionic Compound).

What happens when acid rain falls on metals?

The metal corrodes and the acid will eat into it.

What happens when a rock is exposed to a chemical?

That depends on the make up of the rock and what the chemical is. If granite is exposed to the chemical called water very little happens. If limestone is exposed to an acid then it dissolves releasing CO2.

Why is hydrochloric acid is used to clean wires?

Hydrochloric acid dissolves metal. So dipping the wires into the acid slowly eats the outer layers first. This removes the corrosion and allows the clean metal underneath to be exposed.

What kind of weathering happens to a rock exposed to an acid rain?

Chemical Weathering.. because as rocks exposed to acid rains like limestones, it slowly dissolve and change into a new form

What kind of weathring happens to a rock exposed to acid rain why?

Chemical Weathering.. because as rocks exposed to acid rains like limestones, it slowly dissolve and change into a new form

What happens when metal reacts with acids?

when metal reacts with acid, it undergoes mettalation reaction and forms metal oxides.

What happens if an acid reacts with a metal?

It depends what acid or metal it is but usually they either give of a gas, increase temperature or give off effervescence.

What happens when magnesium reacts to an acid hydrogen gas is produced does this gas come from the metal or the acid?

this would come from the acid (H3O+). Magnesium doesn't have hydrogen since it is a metal

What happens when you mix an acid and a metal?

Hydrogen, H2, and a salt are formed.

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