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What happens to a plane's air speed when the nose drops slightly, is that the plane accelerates.

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Q: What happens to a plane's air speed when the nose drops slightly?
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What happens to the planes air speed when the throttle is opened wide?

When the throttle is opened wide, it accelerates down the runway.

What happens to the planes air speed when the nose drops slightly?

well you see the effects may vary greatly depending upon factors such as wind speed, wind direction, altitude, humidity etc ,etc. some factors have small but significant effects such as causing the air that is passing over the tops of the wings to become more dense therefore generating more drag this in turn would create a fairly substantial decrease in air speed if the nose was turned down. however this is only one given situation with simple variables there are also other conditions that are beyond my ability to describe here :). so to fully answer your question my inquisitive friend, the planes air speed due to dropping the nose slightly can vary greatly due to a huge range of variables and circumstances. i hope this works for you :) good luck with any further querys.

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