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Relatives of the adopted child whether biological or through the adoptive parents are given the opportunity to become the minor child's guardian. If there is an estate a Guardian Ad Litem will be appointed to represent the minor child. If there is family member able to fill the position then the court declares the minor child a ward of the state and and again appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (attorney) to oversee the minor's financial and personal welfare. The GAL with permission from the court will make the decision as to whom shall retain custody of the minor child and where said child will reside and how his or her finances should be handled until he or she reaches the age of majority.

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What rights do non adopted siblings have when 1 sibling is adopted?

the sibling that hasn't been adopted normally would have the rite to go and see their adopted sibling but it is up to the adoptive parents, social workers advise the adopted parents to allow the siblings to stay in contact but at the end of the day it is up the the adoptive parents to deside,

Who were Edgar Allan Poe's adopted parents?

Poe had no adoptive parents as he was never adopted. John and Frances Allan were his foster parents.John Allen

How are adopted children different from foster children?

adoptive parents is like a new mother and father is are adopted don't feel that your adoptive parents are taking over your birth parents.... foster carers get a lot of money to look after you but adoptive parents only get the money normal parents have e.g, child benefits hope this information helps you xx

Who is next of kin to an adopted child whose adoptive parents are deceased?

Other adoptive siblings, other natural siblings?

If both your birth parents died can you get money from the government if you were adopted?

Money for what? You inherit your adoptive parents not your birth parents.

Adoptive parents are least likely to influence the of their adopted perents?

Personality Traits

What if you are 16 and adopted can you go back to your birth parents?

Only if your adoptive parents allow it. At 18 you can do as you wish.

What rights do birth parents have to get in touch with their adopted child?

As long as the child is a minor it's entirely up to the adoptive parents. When the child is an adult you can contact them but just make sure they know they are adopted first. Try to work with the adoptive parents for best result.

Is it necessary for adopted parents to change their adopted childrens' names after the age of 3?

it is never necessary for adoptive parents to change their children's names.

How do you apply for your BIRTH certificate if adopted?

If you were adopted, your birth certificate was modified so that your adoptive parents are listed as your parents. If you are wondering how to learn the identity of your birth parents, start with contacting the agency through which you were adopted.

Who is considered next of kin adoptive parent or biological parent?

Adoptive parent. Once a child has been adopted, his adoptive parents are his parents, period. It is as though he had been born to them. He no longer has ANY legal relationship to his birth parents; he has no claim on them nor they on him.

Can adoptive parents take education away from the adopted kids?

yes because (in most cases) the adoptive parent iz the legal gaurdian.

Can an adopted child choose to live with their biological parent instead of their adoptive parents?

Once a person is adopted, all legal rights between the biological parents and their child are severed. An adopted child has no legal right to choose to live with their biological parents. The adoptive parents could informally agree to allow the biological parents to have custody of the child but there can be all kinds of legal ramifications that flow from that, especially if the biological parents do not want to give the child back and the adoptive parents want physical custody back.

If the parents rights are terminated and the children adopted what are the grandparents rights?

If the child was adopted the grand parents have no rights. It would be up to the adoptive parents whether any relationship could be maintained.

If a child's real parents are not dead can he be adopted by adoptive parents?

Yes, there are situations where a child can be taken from his/her parents, when they are found to be unfit parents and/or are harming the child, then placed in the foster care system and eventually adopted out.

Can a child that's been adopted see her family members?

Only of the adoptive parents allow her to.

What can a mother do to see her children she adopted out to family members?

There is usually not much a mother can do to see her children she adopted out to family members if the new parents don't want to allow it. Once a child has been adopted, the adoptive parents have complete say in who the child does or doesn't see. It might help to talk to the adoptive parents to try to arrange a meeting.

Who were Edgar Allan Poe's real and adoptive parents?

Real: David, and Elizabeth Poe. Foster: John and Frances Allan. Poe was never legally adopted by the Allans, therefore he had no adoptive parents.

Is an adopted child still called a stepchild?

No! Once a child is adopted they are legally the child of the adoptive parents. The only way that child could be a step-child is if the adoptive parents divorce and the custodial parent re-marries. Then the child becomes a step-child to the new parent.

Can you leave your adopted parents in missouri and go live with your bological parents in north carolina at 17?

No. Age of majority is the same whether you are adopted or not and this means you cannot move unless you are 18 or have your adoptive parents consent.

How does an adopted child terminate their adoptive parents rights?

You cannot give up their rights. If you're being abused by your adoptive parents, you should talk to your therapist, teacher, priest, social worker, etc or call the police.

What is the legal age of an adopted child to find and meet their birth family without consent of the adoptive parents?


Why i am adopted?

Presumably because your adoptive parents wanted a child. If you want specific details you would need to ask them.

What happened to Clark Kent's adoptive parents?

This happens differently in different versions. In the older stories- both of his adoptive parents pass away before he sets out to be on his own. Then it started being where his adoptive father passed away and his adoptive mother would be around for a few more years. Now it usually is where both of his adoptive parents are still around to the present while he is Superman.

What if child parents gave up child to a relative to raise and then the adoptive parents died how can that child prove that these were her adoptive parents?

If the child was adopted for real there should be papers signed by birth- and adoptive parents. The birth certificate is sometimes changed by the adoptive parents but not always. If the child was just handed to a relative and nothing was singed or they did not go to court for child support or there was no temporary custody signed, it gets trickier. Eye witnesses and people around could testify.

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