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What happens to cactus flowers?

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Cactus flowers tend not to be long blooming. Some cactus plants have night flowering blooms. Others have day flowering blossoms. Either way, the flowers need to be pollinated. Once pollinated, the flowers wither and develop the ovary. From the ovary develops the fruit, which produces cactus seeds. The seeds may be used by the cactus to feed the available wildlife and to reproduce.

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What are Cactus Flowers?

The flowers produced by cactus plants are called cactus flowers

How do cactus grow flowers?

If you want flowers to grow on your cactus you are supposed to water your cactus.

What kind of flowers grow on a cactus?

They are actually called 'Cactus Flowers'

Does a saguaro cactus have flowers or fruits?

yes a saguaro cactus has flowers

Is a cactus a tree or a flower?

A cactus is a plant that flowers not a tree. Most plants have flowers you can't say a cactus is a flower.

How do flowers of ae cactus adapt to the desert?

A cactus that has flowers is giving the flowers fluids from within. A cactus is like a camel except with many more chambers. The cactus stores moisture for long periods of time.

Do cactus plants have petals?

Cacti do not have petals but cactus flowers do.

Which plant has flowers but no leaves?


Can you eat cactus flowers?


What plant has flowers but no leaves?


Do all flowers have leaves?

No. The cactus for example is a plant that has flowers but no leaves.

What area of a golden ball cactus holds the seeds?

The seeds of a golden ball cactus are located in the funnel shaped flowers, which grow at the crown of the cactus. When the cactus is young, it begins to bear three to four of these yellow flowers at a time.

How do cactus grow fruits?

they must have flowers first,then the flowers turn into fruits.

Do every cactuses grow flowers?

No, not all cactus es grow flowers.

What types flowers are consider as Christmas flowers?

Christmas Cactus, genus Schlumbergera

Why do cactus grow flowers?

genetically engineered

Can a cactus grow flowers?

yeahh man

When a iguana eats all the flowers of a cactus will limit the ability of the cactus to?

It loses its ability to reproduce

Diagram with label of cactus plant?

well a cactus plant has many parts like flowers

Which plant has flowers but no real leaves?

A Cactus - it has a modified stem which produces flowers, but no leaves.

What is a vascular seed plant without flowers?


A cactus with green red or yellow flowers?


What are called the trees which do not give flowers?

Cactus( Cacti)

Why do bats eat cactus flowers?

They feed on the nectar

What kinds of flowers grow in Uruguay?

cactus and bluebonnots