What happens to eyesight when you get older?

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Did Edgar Degas have a disability?

As he got older, Degas slowly began to lose his eyesight.

What are the release dates for What Happens Next - 2007 Eyesight and Chiropractic Care 1-17?

What Happens Next - 2007 Eyesight and Chiropractic Care 1-17 was released on: USA: January 2008

Do hamsters have good eyesight?

No they do not have very good eyesight and they get blind as they grow older but you don't need to worry because they have excellent hearing and smelling, hasters cannot see colors. Which means that thery are color blind.

What happened after Edgar Degas's eyesight got bad?

As he got older, Degas began to slowly lose his eyesight. As a result, he painting became "softer". The edges on objects and figures became more blurred and "fuzzy".

Naruto Why is orochimaru mean when he is older?

When you get older you become more stubborn that what happens when you get older

What hapens to your senses as you age?

As people get older, their senses start to fade. They may not be as sharp as they once were, such as in the cases of hearing or eyesight.

Do griffins have good eyesight?

Griffins do not have good eyesight - they have excellent eyesight! They can zoom their eyesight in and out at will, to be able to see out into space, to bacteria and atoms.

What happens when you get older to your muscles?

you excersise

What happens when you turn 60?

you get older.

What happens to your bone as you age?

they get older.

What happens if the retina was damage?

If the retina was damaged, then your eyesight gets poorer and poorer, until eventually you lose your eyesight, this could be permenant. Regular eye sight checks are recommended, every five years is best.

What happens to your eyes when you take drugs?

some drugs cause your pupils to enlarge and some can affect your overall eyesight.

Do seagulls have good eyesight?

they have great eyesight.

Does dog's eyesight is better than rhino eyesight?

True, but rhinos do have particularly good eyesight.

Do pandas have good or bad eyesight?

Pandas have poor eyesight.

What happens to mammals hearing when they get older?

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When is your eyesight the strongest?

Your eyesight is the strongest in the middle of the day.

Do sea otters have excellent eyesight?

They have excellent eyesight

Which vitamin is essential for your eyesight?

Vitamin A is essential for eyesight.

What is the degree of a horses eyesight?

360 degree eyesight.

Do wombats have good eyesight?

no wombats do not have good eyesight

Do butterflies have good eyesight?

yes they haveincredible eyesight

What animals have good eyesight?

Hawks have good eyesight.

What are disadvantages of video games?

Some disadvantages of video games are that they kinda ruin eyesight (when I play Transformers:War for Cybertron, this happens).This happens because eyes were not made for great graphics.

What demographic is more likely to need reading glasses?

Older people are way more likely to use reading glasses. As a person ages, everything in their body starts getting older. This includes eyesight. Older people just need a little more magnification when reading.