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They disolve just like in water except faster.

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What happens when water and bleach mix?

When water and bleach are mixed together, the bleach is diluted (concentration is lowered).

Do they still make Gobstoppers candies?

Yes, they do still make Gobstoppers candy. You might find some at the Party City stores.

What are Gobstoppers?

Gobstoppers are small, round, hard balls of candy with numerous flavors; each with their own color. Inside of each one is a similar flavor with white. Gobstoppers are made by the Willie Wonka Company. They are also really awesome!

Why are they called gobstoppers?

Gob is a slang term for mouth, and gobstoppers are so big you can't talk when you are eating them, i.e. they stop your gob from talking.

What happens if you bleach your hair with laundry bleach?

Your hair will bleach but it may fall out after some time. You may also burn your skin.

What happens if you mix jello and bleach?

you will have a DANGEROUS mixture of jello and bleach. The jello will probably not gel. This is a foolish waste of jellp AND bleach.

What happens when you mix bleach and pepsi?

Nothing much. You would get undrinkable Pepsi and unusable bleach.

What happens to a gold chain if left in bleach?

When gold chains are left in bleach they begin to deteriorate. This is because bleach is a very heavy base.

What happens when you combine bleach and ammonium sulfate?

Bleach and ammonium releases a highly toxic chlorine gas.

What happens to ichigo at the end of bleach?

Right now there is no way of saying as bleach isn't over yet.

Who made gobstoppers?

willy wonka, owned by nestle

Why is bleach basic?

It is becasue of the oxydizing reaction that happens

What happens when you highlight your hair?

You bleach the color out of sections of it.

What happens if you drink bleach?

You can get really sick (like stomach pains) or you can die! so don't drink bleach!

What happens if you mix bleach and sprite?

don't mix bleach with anything, it can create VERY poisonous chlorine gas

What kind of candy is gobstopers?

"Gobstoppers" : a type of hard confectionery .

What happens when you mix baking soda and bleach?

Bleach and baking soda can be mixed to be used to clean clothing and surfaces when required.

What happens when you mix bleach and vinegar?

If you mix Bleach and vinegar together than it creates a gas. If you breath that gas it can kill you.

What happens when you mix bleach food coloring and water together?

what heppens when ypu mix water with food coloring and bleach

What happens if you put eggs in bleach?

It will sanitize the shell of the egg.

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