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They move from one place to another

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Q: What happens to particles in the process of diffusion?
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What happens during diffusion?

Diffusion is the process in which particles seek equilibrium. They do so by moving to low concentration from high concentration.

What happens to high concentration of water molecules on one side of a cell membrane during the process of diffusion?

The process of diffusion makes particles from one side move to the other until they're equal.

This is the process of particles spreading out evenly due to particle motion?


What happens in diffusion?

The particles spread into the area provided

What happens when particles diffuse?

They spread out and equalize to the source of the diffusion.

Name for the particles in a gas spreading out?

When the molecules of a gas spread throughout another medium, the process is called diffusion. The rate of diffusion can be influenced by temperature and pressure.

What do you call the process when particles in a gas spread out and mix with other particles?

Diffusion. It also occurs in liquids, by the way.

What is it called when particles travel from an area of high concentration to an aera of low concentration?

Through passive transport

Is a plant that contains chlorophyll a diffusion?

No. Diffusion is the process in which particles move from where they are in higher concentration to where they are in lower concentration.

What is the name of the process by which particles move down their concentration gradient?


Why does diffusion happens faster in hot water?

Diffusion happens at a faster in hotter temperature of water than a colder temperature of water because the particles with have more kinetic energy, allowing them to move much quicker from high concentration to low.

What is a process that spreads substances through a gas or liquid?

According to scientists, diffusion is responsible for spreading out of the particles of a gas or any substance such as liquid within a solution.