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The movement is accelerated.

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What happens to particles in a substance when its heated or cooled?

Particles move faster when heated. When cold, they move slower.

What happens to particles in a substance when they are heated or cooled?

The bonds in between the particles become weakly bonded.

What happens to the particles of a substance when it is heated?

As temperature increases, particle motion increases proportionally.

As a substance is heated its particles do what?

When a substance is heated, its particles start moving fast and their rate of collision also increases. The process leads to the substance expanding.

How does the energy and motion of particles change as a substance is heated?

As a substance is heated, the particles that comprise the substance vibrate more and more violently and the energy that this motion represents increases.

Why does a substance expand when heated?

the substance expands when heated because the particles that make up the substance is trying to get out and escape the heat.

When a substance is heated where does the energy go?

When a substance is heated, the energy goes to the particles and their bonding and causes them to vibrate more vigorously.

What happens to the particles of a solid that is heated until it melt?

what happen to the particles of solid that is heated until it melts

What happens to particles as a sample of matter is heated?

The particles, those atoms/molecules of matter in a sample, will increase in kinetic energy as the sample is heated. Their kinetic energy will appear as vibrational energy, and the amount of vibrational energy of the atoms or molecules of a substance is directly proportional to the temperature of that substance.

What happends to particles in a substance when it is heated or cooled?

An increase in the temperature of a substance is an increase in the average energy of the particles. They move faster.

Do particles get bigger when a substance is heated?

No, generally the spaces between the, do.

What happens to the speed of gas particles when heated?

The speed of the gas particles will increase as they are heated. That is why the pressure in a container increases. The particles are hitting the walls of the container with more force as they are heated.

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