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The water will eventually evaporate off and leave the salt, which you can reclaim.


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If you heat the water long enough, it will evaporate and only the sand will be left.

When mixed, it is a solution. If left to sit, the salt can partially distill out of the solution. If the water is left to evaporate, there will be crystals.

If you happen to leave a cup of water outside for a few hours it will evaporate and melt once it melts it will turn into gas

yes, just evaporate water and you are left with sand

When water is left in a beaker for a while, the level goes down as the water evaporates.

It obviously melts and when melted nothing really happens to the water it will rise to room temperature and that's about it

The minerals are left behind on the ground.

If the water is left outside in an open container it eventually will evaporate. If left outside during cold weather it could freeze.

it disolves then if you heat the water the water will desolve and the salt will be left at the botton

The beef goes off, probably turning grey and swelling a bit due to osmosis. the water level will go down through evaporation and osmosis, what's left will also turn grey and probably have a greasy film. The whole thing will smell.

the water evaporates, leaving the salt behind.

it soalks up all the water then explodes with all its seediness

The water becomes murky and the salt rises to the top

If left out more than two or three hours - tea will start to sour - especially if it is sweetened with sugar

It will separate and the oil will float to the top, as it is lighter than water.

it canges to water or from solid to liquid

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