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If your name is on any account or CD, it is an asset of your bankruptcy estate. If the money cannot be exempted, then it can be siezed by the Trustee. However, if these are funds that are held in a Trust or become yours only upon the death of the holder of the funds, then they may not be reachable by a Trustee. If the person dies within 6 months of your bankruptcy filing date, then the money will have to go to the Trustee.

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Q: What happens to savings and CD accounts during bankruptcy that have your name on them if they belong to another person and you actually have not inherited them yet?
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How long after a chapter 7 bankruptcy can you file another chapter 7in the state of Tennessee?

Bankruptcy is Federal jurisdiction, therefore, the state has nothing to do with it. Usually, when you file bankruptcy, you cannot file for another 7 years, Period. No matter which state you live in.

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You live in Evansville Indiana and with the new bankruptcy law how long do you have to take consolidation classes before you can file bankruptcy?

There are actually two classes you need to take. There is a credit counseling class that you must take within the 6 month period prior to filing for bankruptcy. You must also complete another financial management course within 45 afters after your Meeting of Creditors.

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