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What happens to the mortgagee if he files voluntary bankruptcy?

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Assuming this is a straight bankruptcy, the mortgagee would lose the money that is owed to it on the mortgage loan. A bankrupt person or corporation loses all of his/her/ its assets to the Trustee in Bankruptcy so that the Trustee can liquidate those assets and distribute the net proceeds to the creditors. The mortgage loan is an asset which is then sold to the highest bidder along with the mortgage lien. The mortgage holder will now make the mortgage payments to whoever purchased the mortgage loan from the bankrupt estate. The mortgagee is left with nothing.

2008-12-04 19:29:28
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What happens if a co signer files bankruptcy?

They both go bankruptcy

What if happens if you cosigned for car loan and the borrower files for bankruptcy?

if the consigner files bankruptcy can the borrower take the car

When a company files bankruptcy what happens to the union contracts?

They can be changed by the Court.

How is the tenant affected when a landlord files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

It depends on the way the house is included in the bankruptcy. If the mortgage is up to date and the landlord is reaffirming the mortgage, there should be no effect. If the landlord is abandoning the property to the mortgagee, you will either get a notice to start paying rent to the mortgagee or a notice to quit or both. Talk to a bankruptcy lawyer right away, as there are some things you may be able to do to delay things or get help moving.

What happens to your wage garnishment when the company files bankruptcy?

your wages still garnished

What happens when a business is owed money by a company that files for bankruptcy?

Need the right answer

What happens when the ex spouse files bankruptcy after you divorce?

For any joint debts, the creditor will come after the spouse who has not filed bankruptcy.

What happens if car dealership files bankruptcy how do you pay for vehicle?

If a car dealership files for bankruptcy, someone will purchase the accounts receivable as part of the bankruptcy settlement. That person or company should contact you and tell you where to make payments.

What happens to your ticket when an airline files bankruptcy?

Nothing, the ticket is not a debt and would not be included in their bankruptcy. The ticket should still be good.

What happens to your money if your bank files for bankruptcy?

Banks are insured up to 100,000.00 by the government.

What happens to a cosigner of a car loan when the primary loan holder files bankruptcy and the loan is discharged and they do a voluntary repossession?

They can still come after the cosigner, and it will still reflect poorly on your cosigner's credit history. You have been absolved of the debt, not your cosigner.

What happens when in bankruptcy and debtor files bankruptcy?

Your debtors BK effects your obligation to pay the same as your BK effects your creditors obligations to pay you. That is, not at all.

What happens to the primary if the co-owner files for bankruptcy?

The primary would be held liable for the debt.

What happens to you when ex wife files bankruptcy on 2nd mortgage both your names are on?

Her mortgage liability will be discharged.

What happens to employees whose company files for bankruptcy?

Companies that file for bankruptcy still have to pay their employees, if they have enough money. Employees are prioritized during bankruptcy procedures, so the company will have to pay for their work.

What happens to a promissory note when the note holder files for bankruptcy?

The note becomes a part of the bankrupt individuals assets.

If a pastor files for bankruptcy can the church fund be affected?

If the pastor files for personal bankruptcy, no - the church fund can't be touched. If he files bankruptcy ON BEHALF of the church, then any and all funds and assets of the church can be affected.

What happens when someone you cosigned a mortgage for has filed for bankruptcy?

When you co-sign on a loan or mortgage for someone, you are promising to make the loan payments if they can't. When someone files for bankruptcy, they are claiming that they cannot make their payments. It would stand to reason that if someone you co-signed on a mortgage for files for bankruptcy that you would then be liable for making the payments.

What happens to the co signer if the borrower files bankruptcy?

You may need to consult with your own attorney. The primary borrower's bankruptcy doesn't affect your obligations as co-signer. The lender may go after you for payment.

What happens when debtor files bankruptcy Chapter 7 and lists the car as a voluntary repo but it is not picked up after a year?

It belongs to the lender and YOU get to store until they come pick it up. yes...but dont forget to let them know you will be charging them a $60 a day storage fee, just like you would get charged.

What happens to spousal maintainance and child support if the person files for bankruptcy?

Spousal support and child support debts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy, so the ex spouse must continue to keep making the payments. Failure to do so can lead to a dismissal of the bankruptcy case.

What happens to home warranties when a home builder files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Gone unless someone buys his business and assumes debts and obligations.

Can you lose your house if your husband files for bankruptcy?


If owner files bankruptcy does tenant have to move?

Of course not.

What happens if you have a workmens comp claim and the company files Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Your claim is most likely covered by a WC insurance, either a prvate policy the employer had or one with the State. As such, your claim should be unaffected by the Bankruptcy.