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Generally, as a substance in a sealed container is heated, the pressure will increase. (This is especially true of gases as stated by the combined gas law)

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What happens to the pressure of gas when it is heated and why?

The molecules of a gas move faster when heated so the pressure increases.

What happens to a substance when it is heated?

The velocity of the atoms/molecules (that the substance is made of) increase.

What happens to particles in a substance when its heated or cooled?

Particles move faster when heated. When cold, they move slower.

What happens to the molecules of a substance when it is heated?

They will move faster (increase in speed).

What happens to the gas pressure in a sealed gallon can when heated?

Gas expands under heat so the pressure would rise when a sealed gallon can is heated.

What happens to the volume when heat is added?

When a substance is heated it's volume will increase.

What happens when gas is heated?

it expands and/or its pressure rises, depending on conditions.

What happens to a solid when it is heated?

A substance in the solid phase will typically expand when heated. Most substances when heated sufficiently will melt into a liquid, assuming that they do not combust or sublimate.

When a substance is heated what happens in mass volume and weight?

Both the mass and weight remain unchanged. However; generally; the volume increases due to the thermal expansion of the substance when heated up.

What happens to the density of a substance when it is heated?

Mostly it decreases because it expands, but it is not universally true.

What happens to the particles of a substance when it is heated?

As temperature increases, particle motion increases proportionally.

What happens to the volume of most substances as they are heated?

The volume will get bigger because the substance will expand.

When a gas is heated in a container of fixed volume what happens to the pressure?

In that case, the pressure increases. Specifically, the pressure will be proportional to the absolute temperature.

What happens when gas is heated and cooled in a container?

Heating lead to an increase of pressure.Cooling lead to a decrease of pressure.

What happens to particles in a substance when they are heated or cooled?

The bonds in between the particles become weakly bonded.

What type of substance is heated by radiation?

Any substance that absorbs the radiation is heated by it.

What happens when freon is heated?

It`s pressure rises continual heating will cause it to decompose.

What happens to bromine when it is heated?

At 58.8 deg C (under normal pressure) is will boil.

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